Saturday, August 31, 2013

Favorite Pic of the Day for September 1st

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Happy Birthday today September 1st

Wake up Thiago, its your birthday!
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Favorite Instagram Image of the Day

Sigh... I might have to give watching The Vampire Diaries another go

Kinda Busy...

Sorry, I cannot hear you, I'm kinda busy

Tonight, after running from the shower, whacking my shin on a chair on the way to answer the phone I decided I am officially over that particular invention. Indeed it was one of the most important additions to homes and business, bringing people together, instantly, all over the globe, it has become almost an object of terror. Even though I have a large family, and great group of friends most of the calls coming through my landline are spam. At the other end of the line tonight, after whacking my shin was a recording about a cruise ship win, yeah right... Why is it a humans we always seem to turn great things into vehicles of commercialism.
 Landline, buh buy!

In Sickness & In Health: Joshua Del by XY Photography

'I have had such a wonderful time modeling on a small scale and am hoping to have even more success and good times pursuing it on the larger, LA scale.'

Originally from New Jersey, 23 year old Joshua Del began modeling after to a move to Texas when he was 16. Soon after, he put modeling on hold and moved to Iowa City where he attended the University of Iowa. Upon graduation, Joshua decided to begin modeling again and was quickly listed with 4 agencies in the Midwest where he started to gain experience and build his resume. Looking for more work and bigger opportunities, Joshua recently headed west to relocate in Los Angeles where he is determined to push forward in the modeling and entertainment industry.

'I'm really excited about having made the move out here. I have been hitting the gym extremely hard since I arrived to get my body in peak, physical condition before I begin approaching agencies to aggressively seek representation. Throughout my pursuits, I will be attending acting classes with the goal of adding film to my resume.'

As you can clearly see from these incredible images from XY Photography, Joshua Del belongs in front of the camera, as either a model or actor. An amazing body and beautiful face with hypnotizing blue eyes that draw in the viewer with a seductive magnetism. Joshua has shot with many incredible photographers, but some of my favorites came from Xristian Young from XY Photography. With Joshua, there was no need to spend much time on extra's, Xristian wisely kept his focus face and form.

'As for Josh -- he is one of the most "gung-ho" models I have worked with. He DROVE to Michigan from Iowa and his allergies were bad when we started shooting early the next day. Even then, whenever the lens is aimed at him, he has ALWAYS, ALWAYS delivered the shot I am looking for. Saturday night he got worse. Luckily, when morning time comes, he was well enough to drive back to Iowa -- but NOT until he insisted on doing another photoshoot! If it was just me, I would've just said, "drive home and get well and we'll do this some other time." What do you know, the images from THAT shoot turned out MUCH better than the ones we did on location the day before! I'm glad I gave in to his insistence of doing another shoot before he left. :)'

Xristian says that through it all, Joshua NEVER complained, was very easy to work with, through in welcomed suggestions and took directions well. In his photography, Xristian wants the models he shoots to feel comfortable in front of the lens and that one way of doing that is to "listen" to their bodies and what makes their bodies comfortable.

'I believe that models SHOULD know their bodies more than anyone else and that my role as a photographer is to "document" these moments when they feel they are at their best. Josh certainly showed that, even at his worst!'

'The shoot I had with XY Photography was a great experience and we had such a connection throughout the weekend. Xristian Young had a lot of energy and specific direction that he wanted us to go, which made the shoot run really smoothly. It is always good to work with a variety of photographers with different directing techniques and in this case, he helped me work with him. It was definitely a learning experience that I am grateful for and we were fortunate enough to have a struggle choosing the best pictures. He is also a very caring individual and showed nothing but compassion throughout the weekend, especially because I wasn't feeling well throughout our time together. I was very excited about the final photos we worked together to get and hope to shoot with him again in the future.'