Friday, January 15, 2010

Favorite Pic of the Day for January 15th

How about a little Felipe Flores to start your Weekend off!
Have a great Friday all!

Favorite Birthday Boys for Today January 15th

Not much to say about Scottish Rugby hottie Sean Lamont who turns 29 today besides WOW. Sean was almost everyone's favorite from Stade a few years ago.

I still love me some Trent Ford who turns 31 today.

Also Celebrating today January 15th

Also celebrating today January 15th

Eddie Cahill turns 32 today.

Another Stade hottie, Rugby's Christophe Moni turns 38 today.

Actor and musician Max Beesley turns 39 today.

Actor Mario Van Peebles turns 53 today.

American Idol

Ok, I finally watched a bit of American Idol last night. I dvr'd the last couple of nights but had little interest in watching. I hate the audition round for many reasons. I know many say that is all they watch but I find using the mentally handicapped, the mentally ill, the poor and the misguided the source of about 14 hours of laughs...too cruel for me to enjoy. American Idol has always been like comfort food to me. It airs during the coldest months of the year. When the outside is a snowy, freezing mess I have watched this show

As I fast forwarded to see the great singers, no one really stood out to me yet for their talent. (I have always thought the show never shows much of the real talent til Hollywood week anyway). I certainly found Joshua Blaylock (above) adorable. It was not just for his looks but also for his sweetness. He does not stand a chance, but he was a highlight of night one.

I will continue to dvr in the hopes that I regain my interest before Hollywood round. The show is in it's 9th year and has been repeating itself for awhile now. I never thought I cared about or liked Paula, yet... I miss her. This was especially true while watching Mary J. Blige who for some reason I have never liked. The woman is constantly lauded for her talent and though I see that, her personality has always rubbed me the wrong way. Looking forward to Neil Patrick Harris taking his turn with judging the audition round.


Kudos to 'Felicity'

Back in 1998, ‘Felicity’ premiered on The WB. Felicity was created by Matt Reeves and an unknown JJ Abrams who up until that point had written a few screenplays, including some blockbusters such as ‘Armageddon’and ‘JoyRide’ but Felicity was the first time he produced a series for television.

Felicity’s star was the wonderful Keri Russell (one of a few women I would love to sleep with), Scott Foley and the soft spoken Scott Speedman. (The DVD commentaries have lots of mentions of his ‘whisper acting’).

The show ran for 4 seasons on the WB going off the air in 2002. Most of the cast has continued to work steadily on film and on television. Like most shows (for some reason particularly with the WB) I watched not one second of the show when it aired.

A couple of years ago I saw season 1 on sale in a bargin bin and picked it up for ten bucks. The show began with the interesting premise of Felicity at her graduation from high school. After the ceremony, Felicity speaks for the first time to the guy she has crushed over for years. Ben (Speedman) speaks to her as if they are closer than they are and writes something in Felicity’s yearbook that turns her life into a totally different direction.

Without family support, Felicity changes her plans for university and follows Ben to school in New York. When the two meet in New York he has no idea what brought her to the city and how much of an impact she is going to have on his life.

As last year approached I began going through my DVD’s and books and decided to sell some on Ebay or give away. All 4 seasons of ‘Felicity’ was put into my sell pile. I decided to stick in season 1 to watch one more time before I sold it and currently am wrapped up in the love triangle of Felicity, Ben and Noel (Foley) all over again.

If you have not seen it, are a lover of good television and a sucker for a somewhat soapy drama I encourage you to give ‘Felicity’ a shot. As season 3 and 4 went on the show became more like the other mainstream WB teen dramas, but in it’s first couple of years it was uniquely different. Felicity, either due to budget constraints or because of a creative decision did not use much of the manipulation techniques most shows used. There was music, very good music, but it does not blare over scenes and does not get louder to create drama. The music for the most part is subtle and in fact it is almost shocking how much silence the show was able to air. Awkward moments are awkwardly silent and none of the characters are let off the hook by music cues.

Below: Ian Gomez

Below: Amanda Foreman

With the exception of a few New York location shots, the sets are not elaborate. A few classrooms, a few dorm rooms are the setting for most of the story. The wardrobe (unlike say a Gossip Girl) is done for story, meaning you barely notice or care what the characters are wearing. The characters parents for the most part make enough money to send them to school, but there are no kids here sliding through life on a trust fund. They work, they study they work their way through life.

‘Felicity’ was cast exceptionally well. Russell is a beauty for sure, but this cast is a group of actors. You can almost see them wincing when they have to say the odd line that is out of sinc with the story. Scott Foley and Scott Speedman are perfectly cast as the men in her life, and given the three are involved in a triangle for much of the shows run, it is a testament to the writers that I , like Felicity struggled to decide who I thought she should be with. Ultimately I joined camp Noel, but it was a tough race.

As for the supporting cast, Greg Grunberg and Amanda Foreman were certainly my favorites and stood out as the wonderfully written Meagan and Sean. It is quite something to watch Foreman in season 1 knowing how much her character grows as the show went further. Amy Jo Johnson and Tangi Miller are well suited for their roles but the writers seemed to struggle maintaining their strength and both female characters suffered over the course of the show. Ian Gomez (currently on Cougar Town) and Rob Benedict are also wonderful in their roles.

Given that J.J Abrams (from Lost, Alias and of course last years Star Trek) is behind the scenes, you can bet the show has an originally you might not have first expected.

Male Model of the Day: Wayne Stephens

Although Texas born Wayne Stephens continues to model, his long term dream of acting is his number one priority. Wayne has appeared on 'Law & Order', 'All My Children', 'Prison Break', 'Sex and the City' and a slew of other movies and television shows. Wayne also has hit the stage, most notably in '24th Day' the first play produced by his production company 'Born Young'.

'Born Young' is a New York Based independent film and theatre production company that is dedicated to producing original, provacative and diverse films and theatrical performance. Wayne founded 'Born Young' with co-founder Nicholas Calhoun.

You can find out more about Wayne at 'Born Young' HERE:

Wayne Stephens

Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 175 lbs
Hair color: Brown
Hair length: Short
Eye color: Brown
Skin color: Tanned
Experience: Experienced

Wayne by Hutch

Below: Wayne by Lope Navo

Below: Wayne by Rick Day.