Friday, October 14, 2016

Favorite Pic of the Day for October 15th

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Happy Birthday today October 15th

Happy 33rd Mr. Sayers!

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Bob Burkhardt: The Art of the Photo

If you're in the Atlanta area this weekend you may want to check out Nine: The Art of the Photo. Nine photographers spanning a diverse field ranging from portraiture to nature. Featuring: David Belmonte, Christina Christensen, Daniel Dahlstrom, Robin Davis, Harriet Dye, Trevor Green, Carolyn Hollingsworth , Joey Potter and FH favorite, Bob Burkhardt. I have been featuring Bob's imagery on FH since 2013, and look forward to our 8th story featuring Bamm Bamm, (above) coming later in the month.

10: POTD 2013

Image from Unlimited Male

FH remained stable in format through 2013, with a focus on artists, models and entertainers. Some of the artists who made their debut in 2013 include; ReyJ Photography, Keith Ingram, Daniel Allen, Donald Chambers and studioAtruong. Model DirtRoad, (see more below) also appeared for the first time, outside, naked with wielding his ax. JayBee, (Frisky Frolic) first appeared Halloween 2012, but in 2013 his work became a regular part of the site, especially at holiday time!

Image from Gentlemen Only

Image from GymImage

Image from Keith Ingram

ReyJ Photography

Joey by studioAtruong

Image from Daniel Allen

Image from Donald Chambers

Image from Frisky Frolic


10: DirtRoad by Noplacia

'My own skin fits better than the latest fashions.'

Warren Ruseell's (DirtRoad) quote above is one of the the reasons I keep going back to his work. Warren's comfortably, not just in front of the camera, but in his own skin, translates strongly through his images to the viewer. Seeing Warren naked in the woods, naked on the train tracks or naked in a field of flowers, doesn't just inspire erotic fantasy's about Warren's body, but about your own. Seeing Warren's images has me wanting and dreaming of losing my own inhibitions and finding a field of my own.

'I’ve always been the artistic type. I model because I enjoy it. I’d rather go for a walk barefoot in the forest than see the sights in the city. When it comes to modeling, I would rather make people feel something than want to buy something. Keep it natural, keep it real. Steer away from the consumerism and appreciate what’s really there.'

This piece marks Warren's 14th piece on FH and the 7th FH feature from Warren's work with photographer Gary Larson from Noplacia Photography. Gary sent on these beautiful early shots of Warren showering and shaving, daily life events that are a staple of Warren's images.

'I didn't do anything with this shoot because the lighting in the bathroom was challenging, and I could have made better decisions with my camera settings; however, Warren did a great job. The photos were taken from the second of eight shoots we did. Second shoots typically are the best shoots because the model and I know more what to expect from each other.'

'Our first shoot involved a lot of typical poses from my catalogue of classical poses and some shots of Warren and his trademark prop, an ax.
Warren showed up to the second shoot with a bag of underwear, a ton of confidence, and sexual energy. After trying on a bunch of the underwear, i asked him to put on a white towel and come do some shots in the bathroom.'

DirtRoad on FH: