Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Favorite Pic of the Day (2) for January 1st

Jean-Michel Villette
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New Years 2001: Jean-Michel Villette

Jean-Michel Villette
Man of the Year
January 2001
Photography by Dean Keefer

New Years 2007: Brett

'I want to show off my great looks to Playgirls all around the world!'

December 2007
Photography by Studio 1435

'I'm definitely romantic.  One time, I decorated a woman' room with pictures of me.'

New Years 1984: Kory Wolf

'1984 will down in Playgirl's annals as the Year of the Wolf, Kory Wolf that is.'

Kory Wolf
Man of the Year, January 1984
Photography by Don Saban

'The brooding blond with the smoldering eyes was a near unanimous choice for our new Man of the Year. Frankly though, around here we've known for some time that thee was something sublimely special about him; and that he was destined for big things. As soon as his 6-foot-3-inch physique ignited Playgirl's pages in an August pictorial, the fan mail started pouring in.'

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New Years 2003: Daniel Jacobs

'Daniel Jacob brings in the New Year with a bang!'

Daniel Jacobs
New Year's Centerfold
January 2003

'Daniel went from skivvies to skin, moving like a seasoned pro, all the while cracking jokes that had us all laughing. We we finished every roll of film, we did our countdown to 2003. Three, two, one-Happy New Year!

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Monday, December 30, 2019

Favorite Pic of the Day for December 31st

Adieu 2019 by Frisky Frolic
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Feliz año Nuevo

At The Turn of the Year

December 31st can be a dizzying time time.  You're encouraged to look both forward, and the backwards, with alcohol often  in the mix.   I go out almost every New Year's Eve, but it's been a few years since I hit a crowed party.  My ritual is usually the same.  Dinner with usually the same group of friends, usually followed by either a movie, or games at one of our homes.

Wolfmantexas by TR Pics

Most times, the movie doesn't get finished, or sometimes, even started.  The games, although planned, don't often get played.   Most years, by the time we've settled back at someone's house, it's almost midnight and time to ring in the New Year, usually by picking up our glasses, and heading outside.  There's something about being outside as the clock strikes 12.    It's always cold, and often snowing, and you can usually see, or at least hear, fireworks in the distance.   I love that moment at midnight.

Norm by New Manhattan Studio

Whatever you're doing this New Year's, I hope for you a meaningful midnight moment.  It could be at 12a.m or maybe at 7p.m, it really doesn't matter.  It's the split second when you put the past year, the highs and the lows, the pain and the loss in the rear, and turn to face whatever lies ahead.  2020, seems kind of daunting, but also kind of exciting!

In the Midnight Hour by TR Pics

I have been blessed to have some wonderful photographers shoot and share, and on a few occasions, shoot exclusively to help FH ring in the new year.   Thank to all those who supported and helped FH celebrate the holidays, and the every days, all year long!

Patrick by Lights On Studio

The Perfect Host!

Hosting a New Year's Eve party can be stressful, the food, the drink, the guests... the decorations, the music, the theme!  It's enough to make have you wanting to just order a pizza and catch a movie.  But... if you're brave enough to take on the task, here a few tips to ensure a successful night!

Before The Party:
-Although many spend the most time focusing on food, It's the guest list that requires the most attention! No Debbie Downers, no talk your ear offs, no battling exes and

-Food: Keep it simple, and keep it salty and sweet! Remember, people have been eating hot, heavy meals for almost a week. Salty munchies and plenty of chocolate and candy

-Nix the formalities. Yes, it's a special occasion, but you want your guests comfy. If you don't want a houseful of people in jeans, create a fun theme. Try having a Pajama party,or creating a fun dress code of beach wear, underwear, or only black & white.

As The Party Begins:

-Make sure the music's high energy, up-tempo and upbeat but not too loud!

-Dim the lights and provide open areas for dancing, and a few hideaway corners for guests needing a minute to themselves...

-Let the vibe grow organically but if the energy wanes, don't hesitate to pull out a game. Your guests will grown, but assure them it's not Charades or Pictionary. A quick game of don't Truth or Dare or Never Have I ever, might just add a little sizzle, and up the energy.

-Make sure your Cubes are well prepared. A Tiny thing I know, but un-kept cubes can put a halt to a great night

-Break Out a Real Camera. Come on, phones are getting boring, have a camera corner for your guest to have fun in

-Make it a COCKTAIL PARTY and keep them  at hand and flowing

-If the potential partner you added to the guest list doesn't show, or doesn't work out, don't shy away from taking a risk. Choose someone to surprise at the stroke of midnight, someone you might not have previously considered mooching at midnight

Alton Lewis

Frisky Frolic: Entering 2020 In Style

'Adieu, adieu, to yieu and yieu and yieu'

Before one can enter anywhere in style, including sashaying into the new year, one must first bid adieu to the old, to the past.  At Frisky Frolic Enterprises, CEO JayBee knows exactly how this can be accomplished. 

Most company's have an office Christmas party, but JayBee always found it difficult to get all of his hard working employee's together before the holidays.  After the 25th however, most were looking for a way to unwind, let loose, and shake off all the family drama, not to mention that third helping of stuffing!

At Frisky Frolic Enterprises, the annual holiday party is on December 31st and the dress code... stylishly naked of course!  Formal, yet free.  As you can see from these vintage shots of some of Frisky Frolic's top executives, you can be dressed to the nines, and totally undressed, all at the same time!

The yearly rituals and rules remain the same; no complaints, no kids and no clothes!  Arrive early, and be prepared to stay late.  Bring your significant other, if you must, but be prepared to dance with everyone!  The champagne flows freely and at 11:55pm , JayBee leads a  toast to the past year.  Then... it begins.  The music gets louder, and all party guests must begin their own waltz, tap, jazz or ballroom salute to the new year ahead!

Given December 31st 2019 marked not only the end of a year, but the end of a decade, this year's party, and this years dance salute, was even more significant.  These shots, from the early days of Frisky Frolic, and from one of the company's first year end parties, are hung in the company's board room. JayBee feels the photos provide both great memories of the parties, and give new hires... a tease and taste of what's to come!