Thursday, November 5, 2009

Favorite Pic of the Day for November 5th

Beautiful shot by msbimages whom I profiled below.
Enjoy your Thursday!

Happy Birthday Today November 5th to:

Happy Birthday today November 5th to:

Sam Page turns 33 today.

Sam Rockwell turns 41 today.

Robert Patrick turns 51 today.

Sam Shepard turns 65 today.

Kudos to Sesame Street

Kudos to Sesame Street, especially my favorites Elmo and Grover as they celebrate 40 years on the tube. So many great memories!!!

Kudos #2 for today November 5th: New York Yankees

Kudos to the NY Yankees for there first winning the 27th World Series, the teams first win in 9 years!

Photographer Of The Day: Michal Boothe from msbimages

Michal Boothe has a day job. Yet what consumes his day is when his day job ends and he can focus on his passion, photography. I love everything about Michal's work. It's beauty, it's simplicity, it's grounding in truth. Truth being that men are not perfect and the things some try to air brush away are front and center in Michals work. His models are beautiful not because they are models but because they stand proud yet alone in front of Michals lens.

Michal says:

'My work celebrates a minimalist aesthetic and documents fleeting ephemera: youth and innocence, beauty and strength and at the same time mourns their inevitable passing.'

This mourning is evident in the isolating feel from many of Michal's shots and longing in the eyes of many of the models.

Below: Andrew Delani.

'The models repose in quiet isolation existing in a black or white void and untainted by dress are released from a time bound world in an attempt to investigate and reveal private moments and slight gestures and to record the ever changing lines of the body and the sensuality of flesh.'

You can see more of Michal's work at his MM page HERE:

Below: Christopher Bowman.

Below: Jacob R.

Below Jeremy Burge

Below: Joshy Lofty.

Below: -Markhollan-

Below: Sean Hudgins.

Below: WSS