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Favorite Pic of the Day for October 16th

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Happy Birthday today October 16th

Happy 39th to actor Jeremy Jackson!

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Horror Hunks: Brock O'Hurn in Boo! A Madea Halloween

'My name's Ronaldo, but my friends call me Horse.'

For some reason, up until this week, I've avoided the Madea franchise.  I felt it was just a rip-off of Eddie Murphy's The Nutty Professor, which of course was a rip-of itself.  I also run hot and cold about Tyler Perry. I know he's an incredibly talented and giving man, but I've struggled to really love or get into any of his movies or TV shows.

Last week however, in the spirit of the season, I watched a bit of Boo! A Madea Halloween on TV.  I didn't make it to the end, but I have to admit that I enjoyed what I watched, enough to want to check out the entire film when it comes on again.  I laughed much more than I thought I would, and Perry did a great job with his multiple roles.

I was also drawn, (duh) to the long haired Adonis who played frat boy Horse in the flick. Actor Brock O'Hurn is incredibly hot not to mention insanely photogenic and Boo! marked his film debut.  Although a comedy, not a horror film, it was Halloween themed and gave me the perfect reason to share some of my favorite shots from Brock's Instagram page.

The Sacramento based actor discovered bodybuilding during his sophomore year in high school after being dissatisfied with his body.  After graduation, O'Hurn worked briefly at his uncle's heating and cooling systems company before getting modeling jobs with Abercrombie and Fitch and True Religion. 

Through his modeling, not to mention his many Instagram shirtless and man bun images, O'Hurn began to grow an audience, one that only got bigger after appearing as Horse.  O'Hurn went on to appear in the Boo2! and in Perry's television series Too Close to Home.  The longed haired beauty also made a cameo as the aptly credited 'Super Hot Warrior Man' on the third episode of HBO's Euphoria.

Contrary Reluctance: CJ by RMark Photo

'The second shoot, we were already comfortable and he knew that I don't have a problem with more risque photos, including going outside totally naked.'

One of things I love to do with FH is to challenge stereotypes and generalizations.  There are many assumptions about models who pose nude, and the artists who shoot them.  Whenever I profile a model or photographer one of my goals is always to push beyond the conjecture that surrounds the industry.

I think one of the assumptions is that many models who pose nude are forced or coerced, either by the financial need, or by an overly aggressive photographer.  Certainly the few high profile photographers in the news for the law suits filed against them don't make breaking this assumption any easier.  But as they say, one bad apple....

I think some assume that many models arrive thinking they're shooting a fitness or fashion shoot only to end up with their underwear down around their ankles as the camera clicks away.  Now I know this happens, many model have share their experiences of feeling pressured to shoot nudes, but most of the artists I feature on FH are caring professionals, who respect the men who put their trust in them, and value both their reputation, and the relationships they form with the men they shoot.

RMark Photo's Roger is certainly one of those photographers.  Beyond just professional, Roger is acutely thoughtful and concerned about ensuring the models he collaborates with have both a positive, as well an artistically rewarding experience during the shoot.  Professional doesn't mean that boundaries can't be pushed, but sometimes, it' not the photographer, but the model who wants to push the boundaries and explore their sexual side.

Roger and CJ first connected on Instagram, but with Roger living in Georgia, and CJ in Los Angeles, it didn't look like a shoot would be possible.  Then, an opportunity arose.  CJ was due to be in Nashville for work, and Roger was traveling home from New York.  Adding a stop in Nashville was easy, and gave them the opportunity for an evening shoot.

CJ reports that during their first shoot he was under the weather, but despite feeling sick, given they only had one the evening to shoot together, CJ was determined to give his best and push himself through it.  Given CJ wasn't feeling the best, and that they were just getting to know one another, Roger was careful with his shot list and requests.

'During that first photoshoot, I had asked CJ to pose in a window that I thought no one could see into.  He seemed  a little shy about the idea of posing in the window, and placed both hands covering his crotch , as he faced out of the window.'

I loved that shot of CJ and teased this piece by posting the image last week on FH. (HERE:)  Turns out, both Roger and CJ thought the other may have felt shy about pushing beyond, something they both discovered when they got together to shoot a second time.  This time, CJ went beyond just standing in front of the window, but initiated heading out in the hotel's hall and stairways to shoot.

'At first Roger was a bit timid, and seemed reluctant to ask me to do anything too sexual. But I'm not shy! The shot above the first more sexual photo we did. Roger confirmed that I wanted to do it before he took it.'

The shot of CJ in the stairwell was a also a favorite, and I used the shot as pic of the day.  Roger also had a favorite shot from his work with CJ, the image below which Roger shares is one of his favorites photographs of any model that he's shot.   I can see why Roger loves the image, CJ has an intense sensuality which exudes through his eyes, through the beautiful lines and curves he creates through his body, beautifully illustrated in the shot below.