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Favorite Pic of the Day for January 26th

Matthew Hartwig by Ev Dylan
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Happy Birthday today January 26th

Happy Birthday to Gilles Marini! Images of Gilles by the photographer who discovered him, the incredible Fred Goudon. Check out Fred's blog HERE:

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Just Because: Children & The Oscars

9 year old Quvenzhané Wallis is the youngest Oscar nominee ever. I have not seen Beasts of the Southern Wild yet, but I am sure she is amazing in it. There have been many child stars who have given incredible performances, Justin Henry in Kramer Vs Kramer (below) and Anna Paquin in The Piano. Why is it then, that it bugs me whenever anyone under 12 or 13 gets a major acting award nomination. I don't doubt their talent, but at 9 it is more instinctual than an actual acquired skill.

There are many child stars who grow up to exhibit very little acting skill even though at 8, they were considered brilliant. I wish the Academy would put an age limit on who can be nominated for a major acting award. I am not a fan of precocious, and I question whether Quinn Cummings or Tatum O'Neal ever had any actual talent or was it just a great match of child with role. The answer is only something age can really answer.

Kudos to Dylan Rosser

I am fortunate to work with photographer Dylan Rosser on tMf Magazine but tMf has not been the only outlet for Dylan's creativity. Dylan has been hinting for months that his fans are in for an enormous surprise. It’s finally time for the reveal.

A passionate adoration for his subject matter is not the only reason Dylan was given such a unique opportunity. Throughout his career, Dylan has stressed his interest in nudes over fashion, the opposite of what most magazines are willing to highlight. When Gay Times Magazine made the decision to showcase only nudes, without any specific nod to fashion, Dylan Rosser was an obvious choice. After all, he has photographed the male nude for over a decade and 2011 saw the release of his third coffee-table book, simply titled “Naked,” a bestseller since its release. The “Naked” photographer shooting the naked issue of Gay Times Magazine is perfect symmetry.

The intention was to give the images a polished look that is standard for most female fashion and glamour magazines. “None of us could find a reason why men did not deserve the same magic wand treatment. The photographs here are very much in keeping with my personal preference for polished and glossy images”, says Dylan. Makeup artist Evan Huang and assistant Joe McCormick were also on board to help achieve the final look.

The subjects photographed include a stunning array of actors, singers and even Olympians to stretch over a massive 102 pages. The hard work and long hours involved in the project where worthwhile, especially knowing that this is Gay Times Magazine’s charity issue, this year benefiting the Terrence Higgins Trust, the largest HIV and sexual health charity in the UK.

GT is available in print internationally every four weeks as well as digitally (

The full list of people taking part is as follows: Ashley McKenzie (Olympian), Chris Mears (Olympian), Luke Campbell (Olympian), Kieron Richardson and PJ Brennan (Hollyoaks actors), Leon Lopez (actor), Ben McGregor (actor), Arron Lowe (actor/model), Joseph Whelan (singer), BalletBoyz (dancers), Jack Jefferson (actor), Dominic Thornburn (actor), Ben and Sam Allen (Playing It Straight), Scott Mason (Big Brother), Class A (Boy band), Craig Daniel Adams (actor), Kieron Knight (adult actor), Mitch Marion (Playing It Straight), Cast of 9-5 The Musical (dancers/actors)

TERRENCE HIGGINS TRUST: Terrence Higgins Trust is the UK’s largest HIV and sexual health charity with centres across England, Scotland and Wales. We're here to provide information and advice about HIV and sexual health and offer a range of services including sexual health checks, counselling and support groups. We campaign for a world where people with HIV live healthy lives, free from prejudice and discrimination, and we promote good sexual health as a right and reality for all.

The Next One: Matthew Hartwig

'It’s exciting to go on one adventure after another, bonding with strangers over an artistic idea. By the end of the process, we’ve become a family, of sorts, connected by talent, passion, style, creativity and most importantly, beauty.'
Matthew Hartwig

When people write about 22 year old model Matthew Hartwig they often comment on his classic good looks. Hartwig has a classic Americana look, blended with a European twist, reminiscent of a young Pierce Brosnan, George Clooney or Clark Gable. Hartwig (as seen clearly in the two images above) can transform his appearance in front of the camera and easily transition from classic to a more modern look to match whatever theme or concept he is working in.

Matthew by Ev Dylan

I was first introduced to Matthew two years ago when profiling his work with Ev Dylan. Ev has always been one of my favorite photographers, not just because of his ability to capture incredible men, but his eye and focus on the exquisite, almost ethereal beauty, that many who shoot the male form seem to overlook. It is this quality, the almost seamless weaving of body with spirit that Ev captures so masterfully. This was clear in his earlier work with Matthew, (seen in the image above) and their most recent collaboration together in the image below.

When Matthew was 18 he was scouted by a local photographer and told to test, and give it a try, to see what opportunities might arise. Soon after, Matthew went to an open casting and was the only model there that was booked both designers for the show and the subsequent ad campaign. Since first featuring Matthew back in 2010, he has continued to be in demand with fashion, print and runway work.

Matthew by WagnerLA

'Each shoot is a dream to me. I just cant believe how truly blessed I am to be given so many amazing opportunities!'

Matthew by Doug Adams

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Matthew Hartwig

Nick Name: Machu
Pet you had as a kid: Dog named Emma
Animal: Horse
Sport: Dressage
Tv show: Game Of Thrones
Tv show you watch but are embarrassed to admit: America's Next Top Model
Movie: Kingdom Of Heaven
Actress: Julia Roberts
Actor: Johnny Depp

Cartoon Character: The X Men
Halloween costume you wore as a kid: Pirate
Singer: Way to many, but If I had to choose it would be Pavoratti
Food: ALL ! haha I love experimenting with different sauces and spices to come up with fun dishes
Restaurant: the next one! lol I love eating out and trying new foods
Drink: Anything that is refreshing/enjoyable to drink

Modeling photo of yourself: My next one ! Always love shooting
Photographer: That's hard, I love all my photographers and how each one captures me differently.
Subject in School: marketing/art
First Celebrity Crush: Catherine Zeta Jones in Zorro
Moment in High School: Competing and placing in DECA at the international level

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