Thursday, June 6, 2019

Favorite Pic of the Day for June 7th

Wisdom by Bob Burkhardt
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Just Because: The London Eye

Just Because, especially loving London this week.

Broadway Bared

A Highlight from last year's Tony Awards, Isaac Cole Powell!

Randall Park in Always Be My Maybe

I think I've only seen one, maybe two episodes of  Fresh Off The Boat, but that doesn't mean that I missed out on the appeal of actor Randall Park.  The adorable and talented actor has been a fixture in film and on television since the early 2000's and has appeared on sit-coms, dramas, soap operas and big screen blockbusters. 

I was surprised to see that Randall had a brief butt scene in the his new Netflix movie, Always Be My Maybe.  Col-starring Ali Wong and Keanu Reeves, Park and Wong play childhood friends who end up falling in love when they become adults.  Check out the caps below.

Blueberry (short, 2009)

Always Be My Maybe (2019)

Bob Burkhardt: Infinite Wisdom

'Wisdom had never modeled before, but he moved like a natural.'

In the world of science, infinite means limitless or endless in space, impossible to measure or calculate, a great amount or degree.  In mathematics, infinite means greater than any assignable quantity.   In photography, especially within these images of Wisdom, it means in awe inspiring and limitless beauty.

When Atlanta based photographer Bob Burkhardt sent on his work with Wisdom, I was in awe at the breadth of his beauty. In addition to Wisdom beautiful eyes, and his engaging face and smile, one can't help but notice, and be captivated by, the Georgia model's magnificent body.

Thighs for day, incredible legs, and a glorious gluteus maximus that Bob, in all his wisdom, ensured remained in focus.  I love the sexy contrast between Wisdom's sweet, angelic face and the strength and beauty of his powerful physique.

Wisdom's legs, thighs and delectable derriere may in part, be an act of nature, but God had a little help.  Wisdom has spent countless hours working out, especially with step aerobics. which played a large part in their miraculous creation.

Bob describes Wisdom as a warm and very accommodating man and model.  Although he had never modeled before, Bob says the shoot was wonderful and Wisdom moved like a natural.  Wisdom appears to have an innate ability to move and pose his most striking assets in both a natural, and incredibly captivating manner.  Photographer Bob Burkhardt  knew how to perfectly capture them all.