Saturday, October 2, 2021

Favorite Pic of the Day for October 2nd

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Seasonal Sightings

On The Hunt...

You are looking at images from the first issues of a new FOX Studio publication designed to showcase the hottest, sexiest studs our camera can capture.  The Hunt has extended across the United States, Europe and Canada and has produces a pack of Foxes that will be coming to you soon in future issues of FOX HUNT.

I love discovering old magazines that I'd never heard of before.  FOX HUNT was a short lived publication produced by FOX Studio in 1978.  The magazine featured only a few models meaning there were more expansive pictorials of each.  One of my favorites from the premiere issue was the beautiful blonde (and very well endowed) Mark.  Check out Mark's full portfolio on the NEXT PAGE HERE:

Horror Hunks: Leif Garrett in Cheerleader Camp

A group of cheerleaders become the targets of an unknown killer at a remote summer camp.

October on FH means the countdown to Halloween is on. It also means the beginning of my annual salute to the hunks of horror.  Like so many actors that I feature on the site, my introduction to Leif Garrett came through images.  I don't think I ever saw Leif on television or film until a few years ago when I was putting together another piece (HERE:) for Horror Hunks.  The actor was Taylor Lacher and the film was Devil Times Five.  A young Leif Garrett had a role in the film and it was the first time I think I ever saw anything he'd been in.

Like many of you, I mostly knew the singer and actor from his thousands of appearances, many shirtless, in Tiger Beat and other teen magazines.  Although Leif's time in the spotlight was a little before my time, I've seen more than a few of pin-ups. When I was in my 20's, I used to sell on E-bay, and often sold old magazines that I found at yard sales and used book stores.  Whenever Leif was featured in the magazine, I knew it would sell for far more than the fifty cents I paid for the old magazine.

Travis McKenna

Now Leif isn't nude in the 1988 slasher flick Cheerleader Camp, the nudity, as it usually was, was mainly from the female cast members.  The only male nudity was courtesy of a mooning scene from actor Travis McKenna. McKenna is a talented actor, but the film mostly played his skinning scenes for laughs due to his body size.

Garrett did have a rather hot scene in just a skimpy pair of  briefs.  Given the actor hasn't done any on-screen nudity, I think this scene might be the best we get.  Garrett fills out his briefs quite nicely, with and without the extra stuffing...

I found quite a few images of Leif that I really liked when looking for images for this piece.  You can check out a few of my favorites on the NEXT PAGE HERE:

Nude Work Was Pretty Much A Given: Ricky by Unlimited Male

'Ricky was very natural in front of the camera and at ease during our shoot which made it easier and more fun.'

I can't believe it's been almost a year since I last featured the work of Jay from Unlimited Male. Many of you I'm sure remember that piece featuring the ultra sexy Matt and his favorite green shirt. (HERE:) Like so many artists, Jay's work took a forced hiatus with the pandemic, but he's back to work and I look forward to featuring his new shoots very soon.

One of the positive things about a forced hiatus is that you have time to work on other things.  Jay took some time to work on a new Instagram Page, and filled it with may of the hottest shoots from his archives.  Given how impatient I am, until Jay has time to edit his new images, I dove into his archives and shot him back a list of models and shoots I was hoping to feature.  At the top of that list was Jay's work with the incredibly hot Ricky.

What initially drew me to Jay's shots of Ricky was his beautifully sculpted face.  Given I first saw Ricky's images on Instagram, they were pretty PG, but I loved the shape of his face and jaw and his beautiful eyes that penetrated right through the lens. In the piece featuring Matt, the color focus was a beautiful dark green.  With Ricky, we're clearly in the red.  I asked Jay about Ricky's red, and of course, when the red was removed and focus was solely on skin.

How did you first connect with Ricky? 
I actually found Ricky on a website called SexyJobs that I read about a few years back. It’s the same site where I found several other models. (Jacob, Noah, Dylan) 

What was his reaction when you approached him about modeling?
I did approach him on the SexyJobs site. He was very easy to communicate with and seemed really interested in shooting. 

What initially stood out to you visually about Ricky's look? 
Of course he is very attractive, but there was also a sort of shyness to his look that really came across in a couple of the pictures I saw. I know that may sound weird, but I don’t know how else to describe it. 

Did you have to bring up nude work, or was it already a given? 
SexyJobs is a site for models looking for adult work, so because of the type of site it is, nude work was pretty much a given. 

Was this Ricky's first time shooting nude? 
I believe that he had done one other nude shoot just prior to our shoot, so he did have a bit of previous modeling experience. He was very natural in front of the camera and at ease during our shoot which made it easier and more fun

What was Ricky like to work with? 
He was completely comfortable right from the start. As I stated, he had done one other nude shoot and, despite the look of shyness that I picked up on in the pictures I saw on SexyJobs, he is not modest in the least and seemed to really enjoy showing off for the camera. 

Do you come up with a theme or was it more spontaneous? 
Sometimes I do come up with themes, but with this shoot, it was more spontaneous. 

Tell me about all the red? 
The red theme just sort of happened. Ricky was wearing a red shirt, red boxer briefs and the red sneakers. There also happened to be a small bench with a red cushion in the room where we did the shoot. All of the red stood out to me and that was where that theme came in. As for fashion, it’s a combination of both. I always bring a few pieces but do ask the models to bring their favorites as well. 

Do you like models manscaped or do you prefer them to look as they naturally do? 
I really liked his natural body hair. It was another thing that first stood out about him to me.. I do not ask the models to manscape because I do prefer a more natural look. In fact, if a model tells me he manscapes, I will ask if he will consider letting everything grow out for a couple weeks prior to the shoot to get a more natural look

Did you get any feedback from Ricky after he saw the final images?
I always ask for feedback from the models, but I seem to rarely get it. But with Ricky, he did tell me that he loved the final images and thought they looked very professional (which was nice, but also a little funny to me because I definitely do not consider myself a professional). He asked about doing another shoot, but Covid messed things up. We are currently discussing shooting again before the end of the year, so I hope to be able to make that happen. He is definitely someone I want to work with again.