Sunday, March 13, 2011

I Say A Little Prayer For You...

I truly loath D Trump and almost everything he represents. I am not proud but despite this loathing I am addicted to the craziness that is Celebrity Apprentice. I usually watch with two friends of mine and although I can see how manipulative it is, how horrible it is, I can also see how watchable it ends up being.

Last night three things occurred. I always disliked Star Jones and continue to. I never liked Lisa Rinna and now find myself a fan. Lastly, and sadly I used to hold the music of Dionne Warwick as something pretty special. My mother played her constantly when I was a kid and even when to see her live once. I still love that music, but if the Psychic Friends Network was not enough to convince one what a wack job she is, Celebrity Apprentice certainly sealed the deal!

Adam Fletcher: A Captured Point In Time

When researching London's Adam Fletcher there were a couple of themes that remained consistent. Almost every site that profiled the 25 year old talked about his intelligence and what a great guy he was. What also struck me was Adam's willingness to speak his mind and break convention. Adam isn't a fan of rules and some of his quotes are as fun and thought provoking as one of Adams' inspirations, writer Hunter S. Thompson.

Below: Adam by Vincent Li.

'People get wrapped up in the routine of life and they forget that we’re on a spinning planet in the middle of space. There is more to life than structure. I just like to float about'
Adam Fletcher

You can tell from Adam's images that he obviously takes health and fitness seriously. Adam also has a strong desire to be an inspiration to others. For that reason I truly love and respect the quote above. So many in the world of fitness push structure and routine in almost a fear based way. Although obviously Adam knows their importance, I love how he is also realistic about it and how perfection is not the ultimate goal, that there are other things equally important.

Below: Love the next five images by Gilles Crofta

'I have already converted a goth alcoholic into my strict diet, in fact he begged me to let him do it.'

Adam has a way of easing people in, inspiring in a non intimidating way. Most importantly, Adam also shows you that you can continue to live your life and not have to give up everything you love.

'Remember you can have one blow out day a week, hold everything your waiting for this day. Gives you something to look forwards to!'

Adam's positive attitude helped earlier this month when he was due to head to The States for work. Adam had been working hard the previous two months getting ready for the shoots. On the way to the airport he lost his passport. Disappointment and frustration were present, but short lived as Adam went on to find a way make the best of the situation and use the time productively at home.

'Modeling is a very adventures, world of judgment and opinions, nobody but the model really knows the full tale of the capture., The only thing that really tells the tale for me and thinking about the training that went into the shot. Did I eat one too many flapjacks, could my shape have been better. All I know is that from each shot there is a captured point in time that brings back a memory.Life is a memory; without memory's we have no life. So keep making memories....'

Thanks To Adam Fletcher for sharing his work and his insights with FH!
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Also thanks to who have several great features on Adam.

Below: Adam by Sandro & Maykson

Below: Next three shots by Luis Rafael.

Below: Adam by Dylan Rosser

Favorite Pic of the Day for March 13th

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Happy Birthday today March 13th

Happy Birthday to FH Favorite Brandon Ruckdashel!
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Kudos to Zach Galifianakis

Kudos to Zach Galifianakis. Last nights SNL opening monologue was one of the funniest I have seen in years! I can't seem to get the video to load but you check it out HERE: