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Favorite Pic of the Day for June 4th

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Happy Birthday today June 4th

Happy 71st to Parker Stevenson! 

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Seasonal Sightings:

With PRIDE month underway, it's time to celebrate the rainbow, and many of the incredible models and photographer who celebrate it within their work.  First up, David, who I first featured on the site last fall. (Peach & Tranquility) To me, David embodies PRIDE with confidence and joy.  If you haven't checked him out on social media yet, you're missing out on his almost daily naked hikes!

More than Friends.....

'Paul Michael Glaser thinks “Starsky and Hutch” could have been more than friends.'

I wasn't even born when Starsky & Hutch premiered back in 1975, and I've never seen a single episode.  I was however, intrigued when I saw this series of promotional shots posted on Twitter by Danny Deraney (Emmy winning entertainment publicist) Danny often posts throwback images and videos from the 1970's and 80's, 

I loved the fun actors David Soul and Paul Michael Glaser seemed to be having, including a little mutual butt cheek cupping.  Although I'd never seen the show, nor the 2004 film, I had heard of both actors.  I'd read quite a bit about Paul Michael and his late wife Elizabeth.  I was especially interested in her story and her advocacy for education and research focused on HIV and AIDS in children.

After seeing the images on Danny's Twitter, I went down a bit of rabbit hole looking for info and images on the men, especially of course, out of uniform.  I loved reading how open Paul was in a PageSix interview about the homoerotism in the show and the relationship between Starsky & Hutch.

'I think it’s important to understand that yeah, there’s homoerotic elements. … I think the reality is David and I are for the most part — if you have to define oneself — as straight. But you have to be able to recognize there’s a part of all of us that is homoerotic.'
Paul Michael Glaser

When looking for images, there were plenty of shirtless shots of the crime fighting partners.   After checking out a few sites, I found that many came from the shows pilot.  In addition to finding the pilot, and skimming through to cap the shirtless shots, I also found that both Paul and David each had one nude scene on screen.  They were a little hard to locate, but see what I did find on the NEXT PAGE HERE:

A few moments from Starsky & Hutch

Carnally Contagious: Noah White by Michael von Redlich

'Noah has an impish sense of fun and abandon - I adore his positive nature which he brings that to his work . His joy is contagious.'

I enjoy a good porn flick, but I don't tend to watch many.  I really enjoy the visuals, especially a really good creative concept.  I tend to watch a lot of 'beginnings' of adult films, FH viewers know how I love the start of an erotic story, especially the initial reveal.  I usually turn them off after the story is set and things really get going.  It's not because I'm bored, just the opposite.  It's usually just that by then, my satisfaction point has already been hit and the apex was reached.

My introduction to most of the porn starts I've featured don't come from film, but from still images.  Following photographer Michael von Redlich on his Instagram and Twitter, means I'm often introduced to beautiful bodies and faces I want to get to know better.  That's exactly what happened when I first saw his images of Noah White earlier this year.

Noah has a great body, lean and tight.  He also has a great face, engaging and full of personality.  It was a combination of Noah's energy and his great facial expressions that had me wanting to feature his work with Michael.  Noah seemed to be having so much fun.  I think some of the first shots I saw were of Noah at the beach, bouncing around in the surf..  His smile, and the twinkle in his eyes, had me smiling along with him and enjoying how much fun he seemed to be having playing in the waves.

Michael was happy to support a post, and share more of his work together.  He and Noah have become friends since first connecting on Instagram four or five years ago.  They've now worked together numerous time and enjoy spending time together, both professionally, or just hanging out.  When I started the piece however, I thought a little more in-depth research was required. 

I caught a couple of Noah's films, and he certainly didn't disappoint.  Although I enjoyed the set-up, and the reveal, Noah's enthusiasm had me wanting to stick around.   Noah knows perfectly jhow to best utilize his body, and just like he does in photos, he facial expressions are contagious, drawing you into to exactly what he's thinking and feeling.  Noah took viewers through a series of emotions from initially looking a little timid and nervous through his excitement, delight and eventual gratification and pleasure. 

Michael always seems to zero in on unique aspects and personality traits of the men in front of his camera.  Given that over the years, he and Noah have become friends, they have developed a level of safety and trust, allowing each to push themselves, and each other, to creative limits beyond where they normally might go.  Michael generously shared a bit about getting to know Noah, and their work together.

Before you met, do you remember whhat stood out to you about his look and work? 
I loved his work with Helix Studios - he had an unaffected charm and never seemed to be “acting” 

Did you discuss the concepts and possible themes before the shoot? 
We speak on the phone regularly and are constantly planning new, diverse ideas to keep it interesting for both of us. 

Can you share your thoughts on your experience on the shoot? 
Noah is an amazing, dynamic spirit!  We challenge each other to do better and in turn, he inspires me to be better .

What is the best thing about working with Noah? 
He has a creative mind and a fearless spirit - he knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to speak up or act on his vision.

Michael sent on so many great shots, from so many different locations and set-ups, there definitely needed to be a part 2.  Check out more of Michael's thoughts on working with Noah, and more from their shoot together, including some great outtakes and behind-the-scene images on the NEXT PAGE HERE:

Michael von Redlich on Twitter / Instagram

Noah White on Twitter / Instagram