Friday, May 13, 2016

Favorite Pic of the Day for May 13th

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Happy Birthday today May 13th

Below: Francisco by Justino Esteves

Happy 25th to model Francisco Lachowski!

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Friggatriskaidekaphobia, (the fear of Friday the 13th) affects millions of people and costs Americans a billion dollars per year in absenteeism and costs businesses, especially airlines and train travel which suffer from severe losses on Friday the 13th. Triskaidekaphobia, or the fear of the number 13 is even more widespread. So much so that many high-rise buildings, hotels and hospitals skip the 13th floor and many airports do not have gates numbered 13. In many parts of the world, having 13 people at the dinner table is considered bad luck.


Mar y Playa: Francis by H2H-images

'Cuba, la grande île sur la mer, ses océans magnifiques, ses populations laborieuses, ses grands ciels d'émeraude...'
Teddy Crispin

If a location can be hot, and I'm not talking temperature, Cuba is on fire. With the United States re-establishing diplomatic relations, not to mention President Obama's recent visit, the Caribbean island, it's white sandy beaches are expected to soon be flooded by throngs of Americans.

As wonderful as that may be for citizens of the US, Canadian's, who have been free to travel to Cuba since the 1970's, will now a more competition for the best spots to stay and play. Canadian artist and photographer H2H-images, along with French Canadian model Francis,  (FrancC) pretty much had the Beaches and sea to themselves during a recent trip to the Island.

'We were in Cuba for a week so were able to shoot at different times and locations, although the sea and beach were the main attractions … in addition to Francis of course!'

Francis would no doubt, be the main attraction whenever he went, and I'm sure turned a few heads Frolicking naked in the deep blue waters of the Caribbean Sea.  I don't think it was a coincidence there were a few boats parked in the backdrop in more than a few of H2H's images.  You know that more than a few passengers had stories of what the sea brought to shore that sunny afternoon.

FrancC's rock hard, and sea ready physique, comes from hours of hard work and physical activity. Much of FrancC's hard work took place on ice, playing hockey in rinks and on frozen lakes, hundreds of miles north from the beach he and H2H were shooting on. In addition to that incredible boy, I love Francis' strong facial structure, beard and those beautiful green eyes that seem fixed on whomever is enjoying his ascension from the sea...

Francis and H2H are a perfect blending of model and artist and I love the beauty and masculine sensuality within their work together. Some of you might recognize their previous work together which has been seen on DNA, BeautifulMag and Dylan Rosser's The Male Form. As soon as I saw the photo that I used as pic of the day, I knew I wanted to explore more of H2H's work with Francis.