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Favorite Pic of the Day for February 29th

Statuesque by Hans Fahrmeyer
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Fake Spring!

No snow shots for seasonal sightings today, it's 'fake's spring where I live this week. Most who live in areas with cold and snowy winters are familiar with fake spring.  It's that week or two in February, when it warms up and rains.  People pull out their bikes, put on their shorts, and even start planning their gardens.  Even with climate change, it is 'fake' though, as the snow and sub-zero temperatures will indeed return soon and warm and cold days will mix it up until at least early April.

Elliott Brady: Appareled

'What to wear, what to wear?'

We all have a 'signature' look, even if we don't realize it.  I know this first hand.  I didn't think I had one, but some of my friends let me know, in no uncertain terms, that I did.  Dark dress shirt, usually green or blue and often with stripes and jeans.  They let me know one day, when I showed up wearing a light yellow shirt.  They let me know by applauding when I walked in.  When I asked what why they were clapping, they all laughed and thanked me for switching it up for a change.

As hot as model Elliott Brady looks choosing his wardrobe for the day, anyone whose familiar with his modeling work, know he too has a signature look that we all appreciate and love.  If you're not familiar with Elliott, I'm guess when you see the look, you'll recognize it, and him.  Check out much more of Elliott, and his celebrated apparel on the NEXT PAGE HERE:

Elliott Brady on Instagram 

The Stratford Inn

'Bob's Inn Trouble! Running a 200-year old inn is Bob's way of getting back to nature. But it's really nature's way of getting back at him.'

Steven Kampmann

I've written before my issues with sleep, especially falling asleep.  Through years of trial and error, what I find helps me the most is watching sit-coms.  Sit-coms are great because you don't have to pay close attention, and if you pick the right sit-com, they can be comforting and safe to drift off to.  After just re-watching Superstore last year, I was looking for another show to watch in the New Year.

I started watching Newhart in January, and am currently in the middle of season 3.  I sort of remember the show airing when I was a kid, but was too young to watch it, and too young to stay up past 9pm on Monday nights, where it aired CBS for most of the 1980's.  I was excited to start a series I'd never seen before, but wasn't sure I would like it.  After a few clunky early episodes, I quickly began to really enjoy it.

Bob Newhart reminds me a bit of a male Bea Arthur with both his delivery and his ability to give a hilarious reaction shot.  As the central character, Bob spends much of each episode, reacting to the craziness around him.   I love Julia Duffy and Peter Scolari who joined the show in season 2, but I was a bit disappointed to see Jennifer Holmes, (Leslie) and especially Steven Kampmann, (Kirk) being replaced.

Peter Scolari

Kampmann's Kirk was a bit too much in season one, especially with the 'lying' schtick, which got old really quickly.  In season two however, the show course corrected and minimized this gimmick, and really seemed to work hard on the friendship between Bob and Kirk.  Kirk could have stayed even with Michael, (Scolari) joining the show.  Kirk was involved in Bob's personal life, and Michael in his professional, but I guess the show wanted to keep the cast small.

Watching the series had me want to learn more about both of Newhart's supporting male characters, and the actors who portrayed them.  I knew about about Scolari, and his time with Tom Hanks on Bosom Buddies, but new very little about Kampmann.   A little researching had me remembering Scolari's surprising nude scene, and learning that Kampmann was behind the making of one of my favorite movies.  Check out more on the NEXT PAGE HERE:

Hans Fahrmeyer: Structurally Seductive

I know it's not Sunday, but I didn't want to wait to share this set of images from artist Hans Fahrmeyer.  As many FH viewers know, Han's work has been apart of the site's history, with hundreds of Sunday's With Hans post going back over the last decade in site's archives.  When Hans recently sent on a selection of images, there were two models that to me, beautifully illustrated two of the aspects that I love so much about his work.

Hans excels at capturing the energy and strength of the male from through a focus on structure and pose.  Hans uses the architecture of the male physique to create unique and sculpturally created captures of the models he shoots.  The images and model in the first four shots beautifully illustrated this method and theme. 

In the second set of shots, (below) the second element I closely connect with Hans' work is intensely evident.  You can't think of the work of Hans Fahrmeyer, without including sexual carnality he and his camera so skillfully induce,  


In these images, it's the visual having both the models' beautiful eyes, and the model's beautiful penis, visible in each of the images.  Although the images are in black and white, Hans shares there was a hint of ginger in his hair, stemming from Charles' background, including one of his Irish parents.  Hans describes him as half-Irish, but one percent sweet, and professional to work with.

Although the black and white images cover the hint of rust in his hair, Hans didn't want to hide his sexy freckles, which covered almost every inch of his stunning body.  Although it's hard see the all, if you look closely, you can still see many, especially on his face and around his beautiful eyes. 

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Favorite Pic of the Day for February 28th

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Happy Birthday today February 28th

Happy 47th to actor Rafael Amaya!

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Just Because:

 Just because, when you're an art student, being assigned an exhibitionist,, and one need of a little cash, as a roommate can be a blessing.

Singlet Sensation

I'm sure many of you are familiar with model Elliott Brady, and his signature singlet look.  If you're not, happy to introduce you. Often, menswear shots can be a little bland, but photographer Jake O'Donnell obviously saw, and captured, the magic that is Elliott in a small, tightfitting singlet.  

There are layers of hotness in these shots, beginning with, but not ending with, Elliot's great physique.  The images are made even hotter by Elliot's clean-cut look, and beautiful eyes.  His eyes exude both an innocence and an awareness, both at the same time.  There's nothing hotter than a guy who looks like he doesn't get how hot he is and is clueless to why others react as they do.  It's even hotter, when you take a closer look and realize he is fully aware, and works it with every inch of his beautiful body.

Bob's Buds

After Kirk Devane got written out after season two of Newhart, actor Steven Kampmann had small and supporting roles with several big names in some well known films.  Kampmann was featured with Billy Crystal and Robert Di Nero in Analyze This,  Bette Midler in For The Boys and Robin Williams in Club  Paradise

I was most interested in checking out the 1986 comedy Club Paradise.  I was interested because it starred Robin Williams, but also because it seemed to be one of William's least discussed films.  I was guessing it wasn't very good, but there were many things about it that I enjoyed. 

With the comedic cast involved, I can't believe that I hadn't seen the film before.  In addition to Kampmann and Williams, the comedy also featured; Eugene Levy, Andrea Martin, Peter O'Toole and Rick Moranis. 

The movie did also include what I think is one of Kampmann's only shirtless scene.  Most of the cast are visiting a nude beach when their clothes are stolen.  Although there is no nudity, it's a funny scene, with Kampmann and Martin wresting with a snake and Eugene Levy looking both furry and fetching without his shirt. 

Actor Peter Scolari worked steadily, mostly on television after leaving the show until his death from leukemia in 2021.  Scolari's last role was a regular role on Evil, a show I loved and watched in season one, and hope to return to. I wasn't aware of the actor's struggles with substance abuse and bipolar disorder until reading an interview for this piece. 


Another of Scolari's later appearances was his turn as Lena Dunham's father on the series Girls.  Scolari got great reviews for his time on the show and is the only actor to have won an EMMY for his role on the series.  Scolari also had a nude scene on the show, one I saw on-line when it appeared, but didn't pay much attention to at the time as I wasn't watching the HBO show. Kudos to Scolari for doing his first nude scene when he was in his late 50's. 

One of things I didn't know about Kampmann was that he was also a writer and director.  Kampmann was a writer and producer on the the sit-com WKRP in Cincinnati.  WKRP is another sit-com on my list to watch when I can find the time, and somewhere that it's airing. 

William McNamara

Kampmann also wrote films, including Clifford, The Couch Trip and the Rodney Dangerfield comedy Back to School, (HERE:)  Kampmann also introduced to me to one of my movie crushes, William McNamara, (above) in the 1988 drama Stealing Home. 

Kampmann co-wrote and co-directed Stealing Home along side William Porter.  I first saw the film on VHS when I was a kid, but didn't really appreciate it until seeing years later when I was a bit older.  Not only did I crush over William, I also think this film also contains one of my favorite Jodie Foster performances. 

The movie is pure 80's starting with it's saxophone led soundtrack.  It's also a relationship based film, and I loved the relationships explored, especially the one between Billy and Katie. (Foster)  The adult Billy is played by Mark Harmon, with McNamara playing Billy as a teenager.  The film also features Foster and Helen Hunt in the same film, although they don't play related characters, nor sadly share any scenes.  Still a tear jerker, that gets me every time. Thanks Kirk!