Friday, September 6, 2019

Favorite Pic of the Day for September 7th

Brede Csiszar: He Shoots He Scores
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Warning, if you're not into hot men in kilts, ignore this post.  If on the other hand, you're a fan of tartan and wool against a bare man's skin, there's a palooza of plaid awaiting you on PAGE 2 HERE:

Strong Heart

I'm sure many who've seen the 'Strong Hearts' commercial for Ancestry has paused to check out the young actor playing 'Eric Allen'  Although he is young looking, Allen himself would have been at least 18 to join the Army, even in the 1940's.  I haven't been able to find the name of the actor, but the commercial is well done and definitely has a certain appeal...

Naked Will: In His Room

'There's a world where I can go and tell my secrets to
In my room, in my room'
The Beach Boys

For most of us, our bedroom was the only real space of privacy we had.  It was in our rooms that most of explored our bodies, experimented with fantasy and masturbated for the first time. Our room didn't judge, and with the door locked, was a safe place for sexual exploration.  Our room also held our secrets and our fears, there were things man of us did our rooms, that we haven't had the courage to do beyond the bedroom door.

Given Will has chosen to call himself 'Naked Will' his sensual expression has breached the boundaries of the bedroom. Although most of his self images, all taken with his laptops built in camera, are taken in his room, he's chosen to share them with the world.  Currently living in Munich, the 26 year old German student's goal is to use his images and videos, to reach out and connect with others.

OMG! I saw your wee wee

Will wasn't always so comfortable being naked, with our without his laptop camera in front of him.  Before moving to Germany, Will says that he had huge issues with his body.  Will certainly never thought of himself as a 'hunk',  and was self-conscious about his height and his lack of muscle mass.

Once settled in Germany however, Will learned a lifestyle, 'naturism'.  Naturism helped Will to gradually accept his body and to enjoy the freedom and relaxation that came with acceptance.  It also reinforced Will's understand that regardless of one's age, gender, race or body type, there is an inner equality that makes us all similar and worthy of grabbing and owning our sexual being and power.

'Being a,model and using my body to deliver artistic ideas and spread equality and body positive image to me, brings on a super... smile. We all know that I'm not gonna have this body forever. I'll get old and sick or an accident might happen) My images and videos are a record of my personal story and I'd like to share it.'

It was Will's sexual confidence that initially drew me to his images.  Will not only shares his physical body within his work, his passion and devotion to the expression of a positive image of body is seen, and even more powerfully, felt by the viewer.

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Iskrigerne; Hard hitting docuseries about Norwegian VĂ¥lerenga hockey team.

When I first got on-line, in addition to e-mail, I thought the webs greatest asset was to give me more information about the things I loved.  I still remember the first first nights I got on-line.  I'd been on the net at school, but I'm talking about the first night, alone, searching for info and pictures on my favorite celebrities, movies and events.

It didn't take long before I realized info on subjects I was already familiar with wasn't the best use of the net's capabilities, discovering new subjects of interest was the real bonus of the web.  Over the years, I've featured many of the media men who had an impact on my life while growing up.  I've also re-discovered many actors and films who although had an impact, were long buried and forgotten.  My favorite subjects however, often end up being new movies, tv shows or men I would never have heard of if not for the Internet.

I've searched hockey players many times over the years.  Hot hockey players, shirtless hockey players, naked hockey players.   My love of hockey, and hockey players, began not by watching, but with my years playing the game.  I've written before, that if it wasn't for those damned 5 am Saturday morning practices, I may not have quit.  I loved playing the game, maybe more on frozen lakes than rinks.

To me, hockey players are the hottest athletes.  They require both strength and agility, you can't hide  a lack of skill and speed by playing left field, in hockey, regardless of the position, you have to always be on.  Hockey players have great bodies, not to thin, muscular, but not usually not overly muscular.  They also have the hottest asses.  All those skating drills during those early morning practices, really work the glutes.

Strip hockey:  Brede Csiszar loses, but we win!

Hockey players also to me, have great faces.  Now, maybe they don't, but because they're usually covered with helmets and masks, when a sweaty hockey player takes off their helmet, a great face, (even if a tooth or two is missing) is a beautiful thing.

In all my years of searching hot hockey players, the net tragically never directed me to Iskrigerne.  Iskrigerne is Sweden's elite ice hockey team and although they never popped up in any of my searches thanks to Dreamcap, and poster Michael Andrews73a, we've finally been introduced!

Alexander Bonsaksen

Naked photo shoot with photographer Anette-Marie Antonsen

Fredrik Csisar

In addition to being the name of the team, Iskrigerne is also the name of a Docusoap (reality show) airing on Norway's  The show, which began in 2014, aired for four seasons, the last episode, airing in 2017.  Although the show was focused on the game, it also went behind the scenes with the players and took frequent trips into the locker room.  It also followed the guys during their semi-regular games of strip hockey, to their underwear and nude shoots to promote the team and the show.  If you're a member of Dreamcap, you can see many more of Michael Andrews73a's great caps and clips there.  If not, there are quite a few great images on the teams Facebook Page HERE: