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Favorite Pic of the Day for November 27th

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Happy Birthday today November 27th

Happy 49th to actor Michael Vartan!

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The time honored tradition of heading to the fridge naked on Thanksgiving weekend for turkey and stuffing leftovers.

A Brief Window: Jake by Stephen Kahrs

'We only could find a brief window in which to shoot.'

I know many photographers spent weeks planning for certain shoots. I know many models like to have weeks to physically prepare for stepping in front of the camera. When however, you have a photographer as gifted as Stephen Kahrs, and a model as naturally captivating as Jake Capelli, sometimes a brief window is all the time that's required.

I am constantly impressed at Stephen's skill at capturing impressive and complete portfolio's for the models that he works with. The Connecticut photographer also often does this with just one shoot, a plain background, and just a couple of different looks. During his brief window with Jake, and just one suit, a red plaid shirt and a pair of jeans, Stephen photographed an array of images from fashion to fitness, and also captured different aspects of Jake' personality and the strength that he radiates in front of the camera.

The results of their creative collaboration are even more impressive given modeling is something relatively new for Jake. Up until recently, his main passion was pursing an acting career, and never really considered modeling seriously until recently. Through his time in high school and college, Jake was often told he should give modeling a try,and was told by a friend that he had 'serious potential' to make it in the industry. You can see the 'serious potential' in the dedicated and professional way Jay approaches shoots, and they way he infuses, and incorporates his main goal of acting within the work.

'I was more focused on becoming the best actor that I could until a friend of mine offered to do a shoot with me and I figured, 'Why not?' Afterwards, friends and family were impressed with the work and I kept pushing forward. I’ve worked with a variety of photographers, mainly for the experience, but now I’m ready to integrate it into my acting career.'

That 'serious potential' is instantly evident when viewing images of Jake, and his acting background has given him a confidence and strength in his work as a model. Jake already looks more than ready to take center stage, or for close-ups on the big screen. The 21 year old actor possesses not only an impressive physique, but as well, the perfect facial structure for a leading man. In addition, Jake's beautiful and determined brown eyes alluringly draw in the viewer, holding their attention. Jake's 'serious potential' was also something Stephen saw from the get go.

'When I first saw Jake's Model Mayhem portfolio back in July I knew that I had to shoot with him, and saw the potential that he had. Much to our dismay, we only could find a brief window in which to shoot. Consequently, the time we shot went fast, however, we produced an abundance of high quality images. Jake first off is an absolute pleasure to work with! His athletic stature and has a well proportioned physique only compliment his skills as a model/ actor. He definitely was attentive to any of my direction as well as any details that may benefit the image. Jake is definitely a fine young man worth any look from an agency!'

'The shoot with Stephen was a lot of fun and I felt very free right away, even though Stephen and I had just met. Although we were also on a short time limit, we were able to get a lot done. I never really have any set poses or looks, but rather, I do what comes natural so the photos do not look so artificial. Stephen was great at this. He would tell me to get into certain poses and and they would work. From those poses I would figure out my own and Stephen seemed to be pleased with them. I would love to shoot with him again in the near future. Usually, If I do a shoot, I just try to free my mind and go with the flow. This helps me to stay focused and not worry about any troubles that may interfere with my mental state. I know I have plenty of room for improvement, but as long as I keep working I’ll be able to improve my skills.'

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Calum von Moger: A Muscular Match

'An athlete wants to win; they would rather win a title in the Olympics and would be happy to die the next day, as long as he wins.'
Joe Weider

Back in the 40's and 50's, Canadian bodybuilder Joe Weider began an entrepreneurial path which led him to be known as the father of bodybuilding. Along with his brother Ben, he co-founded the International Federation of Bodybuilders. In addition, Joe was responsible for the creating the Mr. Olympia, Ms Olympia and the Masters of bodybuilding contests.

Throughout his career Joe published fitness and bodybuilding magazines including Men's Fitness, Shape and Muscle & Fitness as well as manufactured, sold and marketed every sort type of sport and fitness equipment, supplement and nutritional products.

Joe's life, as well as his brother Ben's, is currently being filmed for Bigger, a film from writer and director George Gallo. Joe is being played by actor Tyler Hoechlin with Aneurin Barnard as Ben. Also featured are Julianne Hough, Steve Guttenberg and Colton Haynes as Jack Lalanne. Also in the cast is Australian bodybuilder Calum von Moger taking on the role of a young Arnold Schwarzenegger.

'Bigger is the inspirational tale of the grandfathers of the fitness movement as we now know it, Joe & Ben Weider. Battling anti-Semitism/racism as well as extreme poverty the brothers beat all odds to build an empire & inspire future generations.'

Weider is known to have played a key role in the introducing a of young, and relatively unknown weightlifter named Arnold Schwarzenegger to the world. Weider helped bring Schwarzenegger to the States to train and was instrumental in some of his early success including helping him land his first film role, in Hercules In New York in 1970. Upon seeing some recent 'behind the scenes' shots of the cast on Twitter I was inspired to feature more of the blonde hunk in the tight baby blues.