Sunday, August 28, 2011

Favorite Pic of the Day for August 28th

Brandon by Jay A. Rickard, LightWeaver
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Sneak Peak of issue #2 of tMf Magazine!

After the success of June’s release of the first tMf, Photographer Dylan Rosser is back with the second issue which will be available for all in about a week! Once again, Dylan brings together some of the best photographers, models and artists sharing stories and of course pages and pages of incredible images. I am happy to be on board as Editor for issue #2.

Cover model Vince Azzopardi again steps in front of Dylan’s lens for a brand new shoot and exclusive interview. Vince shares his experience in the industry, baring it all and what he is up to next.

Also in issue # 2, I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to interview porn star Wilfried Knight. Wilfried shares stories of the business and his life off the set. Wilfried is also featured in a brand new set of images from a recent shoot with Dylan.

Thomas Synnamon shares his new black & White prints tells tMf if he can turn an unattractive man hot and his most outrageous experience with a model. David Arnot shares some exclusive images from his first book ONE and which shots from ONE, he is especially proud of.

Body painter Ricardo Muniz, photographers Marcus Mok and Howard Roffman, model Isaiah Rojas, Ev Dylan’s LUST and Giovanni’s Super Sized will help fill your September with over 100 pages focused solely on the The Male Form.

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The Boy Next Door:

It used to be 'the boy next door' had a clear meaning. That nice kid on the street, clean cut, decent student, usually on a sports team, got in a little but not a lot of trouble growing up. Clean cut, short hair = good, long hair, unshaven = bad. Also in the bad category were usually tattoos, owning a motorcycle and smoking.

These lines, or forms of measures are thankfully blurred today as we all know you cannot judge a book by it's cover, no matter how nicely packaged. I profiled the two gorgeous, yet very different models today, the theme of 'boy next door' went through my head. It was not just that they were different, it was more that I found myself thinking differently as I put together text to accompany the shots. I had to stop old notions and stereotypes from effecting my direction. What do you think? Is there such a thing as 'a boy next door' anymore?

Above: Brandon by LightWeaver

Above: Phat Daddy by Hans Fahrmeyer

The Boy Next Door? Brandon by Jay A. Rickard

A Boy Like That...
Brandon by LightWeaver

I love featuring the work of Jay A. Rickard from LightWeaver (LightWeaver on FH). As a photographer, Jay puts such care into concept and the smallest of details of each shoot. I remember when Jay described his shoot with Michael Hargis, being impressed with the time and energy he put into preparing costumes and props before the shoot so that everything would be perfect.

With the relaunch of his site LightWeaver I thought it was a good time to reintroduce you to his work and encourage you to check out his new site. The design is compliments of Jay's partner Kevin Dicks of Particle Creations and Jay has just about finished getting the content up for viewing! There will eventually be many more features to the site including the ability to purchase select images. Jay also reports he just had his first successful gallery show!

Brandon is the perfect model to showcase Jay's work. Brandon is new to modeling and these images with Jay are only his second professional shoot. One of the things Jay does so well is support and nurture new talent. Jays says although a bit shy, Brandon shows a lot of promise and really enjoys being in front of the camera.

Brandon certainly has that all American 'boy next door look' His adorable smile, and the hit of shyness Jay described, only makes some of the images that much more appealing.

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The Boy Next Door? Phat Daddy by Hans Fahrmeyer

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-The Skinny on Phat Daddy-

Phat Daddy may have an intense look on his face but his expression is raw determination. The Florida native burst on to the Adult film scene in 2006 at the age of 19 and has been hard at it ever since. Not just for himself, Phat Daddy is trying increase exposure and open doors for other black Latinos. The Blatino Oasis Erotica Awards honored Phat Daddy this year for his outstanding work in the adult entertainment industry.

Moving beyond the adult film industry, Phat Daddy recently worked with Patrik-Ian Polk, the award-winning filmmaker behind the hit LOGO television series "Noah's Arc", in a small role for his soon to be be released The Skinny.

The Skinny tells the story of five Brown University classmates who reunite one year after graduation for Gay Pride weekend in New York City. The Skinny is due for release this fall.

Thanks to Hans Fahrmeyer for sharing his recent work with Phat Daddy.
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