Monday, November 12, 2007

Trevor Neubauer: Some Extra Pics

Favorite Sports Guy of the Day: Jan Hessel Boermans

Speedskater Jan Hessel Boermans


Favorite Pic of The Day: November 12th

Blast From The Past: Nov 12th David Hasselhoff

I debated doing a post on David Hasselhoff. The past decade has not been kind to David. Between his personal life drama's and becoming a bit of a joke in the business I am not really a fan. That being said, I do have some respect for Mr. Hasselhoff. He is a Hollywood survivor, there are not too many tv stars from the 80's still working and making a living in Hollywood over two decades later, and, during the Knight Rider era, I did fancy Mr. Hasselhoff and his hairy chest,'s to the David Hasselholf of the 80's! A true Hunk from the 80's.

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More David Hasselhoff

David had a small part playing 'Boner' in the 1976 flick Revenge of the Cheerleaders!

Cheerleader caps via Vincent Chip's Houseguests

Favorite Birthday Boy for Nov 12th: Reynaldo Gianecchini

One of the most amazing guys ever Reynaldo Gianecchini turns 35 today!

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Also Celebrating Today: November 12th

Also blowing out candles today:

Model Michael Gandolfi turns 26 today.

Ryan Gosling turns 26 today.

Stade's St├ęphane Glas turns 34 today

Friends star David Schwimmer turns 40 today.

Soap Hunk Vincent Irizarry turns 48 today.

The wonderful Megan Mullally turns 49 today.

Favorite Pic Series of the Day: November 12th

A little Carlos Branco