Thursday, May 16, 2019

Favorite Pic of the Day for May 17th

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Happy Birthday today May 17th

Happy 55th today to actor David Eigenberg

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With Chicago Fire co-star Taylor Kinney

Take Me Out (2003)

Sex & The City


Instagrams that Inspire: Benjamin Selleck

The first images I saw of DT Model Management's  Benjamin Selleck, was his work with the phenomenal Doug Inglish.  Now usually, ripped tighty whities are a turn off, but Inglish's shots of Benjamin in his torn undies had just the opposite effect...  As you can see from his work with Jeremy Kost, Benjamin is equally fetching when the underwear comes off.

Benjamin by Doug Inglish

Benjamin by Jeremy Kost

Bathed in Blue: Wes by Bob Burkhardt

I would define, in brief, the poetry of words as the rhythmical creation of beauty.
 Edgar Allan Poe, The Poetic Principle

Although he was referencing poetry, Poe's use of the phrase, thrhythmical creation of beauty, applies perfectly to all artistic pursuits, including the photography of the male form.  Images capture a moment in time, but there's no rule that moment has to be quiet and still.   My favorite images are often those captured moments energized by rhythm and flow.

When I was young, I remember my parents, older relatives and school photographers instructing me to smile, and not to move when my picture was being taken.  Pictures that were framed and then put on the mantle next to images of my siblings and grandparents.  The shots were almost always stiff and awkward.  Those lifeless photos are no longer on the mantle, they were long ago removed from their frames and tucked away in photo albums that are almost never viewed.

It's funny to me to remember that when as kids we got our own camera, there was no desire to stay still.  The pictures I took myself were of friends playing, jumping or playing a sport, my cat running along the top of our backyard fence or my dog chasing his tail.   Although many of the shots came back a little blurry, those moments of moment were the images I kept, and bring back the most vivid memories.

Last month, I featured images of Wes from photographer Bob Burkhardt. (Compelling Evidence)  The images in the first piece, included shots of Wes in relaxed poses as well as a series of sultry shots of Wes in the shower.  This series, featuring the blue fabric, had different feel, a distinct rhythm and flow that had me put them aside to present separately.

I love the use of fabric, especially large, sheer and colorful cascades of cloth that acts as both a prop and a background, illuminating the model with color and light, both on, and  reflecting and through it.  Sheer fabric so beautifully depicts rhythm and flow, especially in the hands of the right model and captured by a skilled photographer.

I love this series, for the movement and flow, but also the visual contrasts Bob so magnificently captured.  I love how the blue fabric looks bathed across Wes' skin, and especially love the visual contradictions of how the strong, muscular Wes utilizes the soft and delicate piece of fabric in such a beautifully erotic fashion.