Thursday, October 9, 2008

Favorite Pic of the Day for October 9th

Favorite Birthday Boy for October 9th Joseph McFadden

Daily, I post the most amazing looking men and try to focus on both looks and talent. If I were to describe the perfect man in my mind, actor Joseph (Joe) McFadden pretty much sums it up. Born in Scotland, Joe has been busy the past 20 years working in television, film as well as tons of stage work. Joe has the most amazingly sexy face, adorable smile and nose, just sucks me in everytime I watch him on film. So sexy, not to mention the accent! Joe was most recently seen on UK series 'Heartbeat'. Tons of clips of Joe on Youtube if you want to see more. Joe turns 33 today. Check out more of Joe HERE:

Some other Favorites Celebrating today October 9th

Some other favorites blowing out candles today:

The adorable Tad Hilgenbrink turns 27 today.

The beautiful (I am using that word a lot lately...) Brandon Routh turns 29 today.

It is amazing how much Brandon looks like Christopher Reeve, especially in the above pic.

Not sure anyone can wear underwear quite like actor James Hyde who turns 46 today.

I did a long post on Michael Paré before so I only added a couple of pics here. Michael turns 50 today.

Also Celebrating today October 9th

Brothers Luke and Harry Treadaway, so powerful in 'Brothers of the Head' turn 24 today.



Not sure the middle pic is Zachery Ty Bryan, but it is a great pic anyway. Zachery turns 27 today.

I love Scott Bakula, even more than his tv and movie roles, I love his stage work. I have posted before on Scott, so take a look. Scott turns 54 today.

Actor Tony Shalhoub turns 55 today.