Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Favorite Pic of the Day for July 22nd

Daniel by macpics
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Joy Ride

Blake Shinn: Unbridled

'I was more worried about winning the race. My pants went just after the start and there was nothing I could do.'
Blake Shinn

'Riding Miss Royale, Shinn suffered an unfortunate trouser malfunction just after the start of the first race at Canterbury but managed to keep things together until the race got serious in the final stages and he was in contention. Throwing everything at his mount to try to catch the leader, Defender, Shinn finished second with his pants around his knees, to the amusement of fans at the track and watching on TV.

Appropriately-named Modesty finished third behind Shinn and the happiest jockey after the race was Tommy Berry on the winner: “What a great race to win. It meant I was the only one that didn’t have to stare at Blake’s aas the whole way up the straight.'

Just Because: Julian Rhind-Tutt

Just because, every time I see that Notting Hill is on television, I mean to research and do a post on English actor Julian Rhind-Tutt.  I think I've seen the first forth of the film five or six times.  Only once did I make it to the end.  It's got a some great scenes, but they don't for me, sustain through to the happy sappy ending.

One scene I always perk up for is the scene in which Hugh Grant pretends to be a journalist for Horse & Hound magazine when meeting up with actress Anna Scott (Julia Roberts) at a press event.  Sliding into the scene with Hugh is a journalist from time out magazine who always grabs my attention.  As adorable as Grant is in the film, and as 'Floppy' as his hair, actor Julian Rhind-Tutt gives him a run for the money in the floppy hair department.  Bonus points for it's color!

Born in the historic town of Middlesex England, Rhind-Tutt is well known the UK for his roles on stage and in films including Bridget Jones Baby, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, Les Misérables, The Saint, and the upcoming screen version of the play Blithe Spirit.  On television, the actor has appeared in shows including Green Wing, A Touch of Cloth, The Witcher, Merlin, and Britannia.  The actor's also been seen in films

Rhind-Tutt's role in Notting Hill wasn't his only role which grabbed my attention.  I didn't know it until putting together this piece, but he also appeared as Taylor, one of Saffy's friends in Donkey, a 2001 episode in the fourth series of Absolutely Fabulous.  I remember being drawn to his long, auburn, and definitely floppy hair, when I saw the episode for the first time.

Absolutely Fabulous (2001)

Rhind-Tutt's nudity on screen has been minimal, and no real nudity that I could find.  He did briefly flash his butt in two episodes of Britannia, (below) but the scenes are not exactly sexual in nature...

Britannia (2017-2019)

Nineties Daze: Daniel by macpics

'Everything I think and everything I do is wrong.'
Cher Clueless

It's interesting how certain years and decades aren't really appreciated until their over.  Although I doubt 2020 is going to be one of those years, for the most part, I was not a fan of the nineties.  It was during the nineties that I graduated high school and entered university.  It was time of struggle for me both personally, and academically.  There were a lot of changes going on for me that really didn't work themselves out until the 2000's.

Maybe it was because I was so busy, or maybe due to my mind set, but I never really got into media and pop culture during the decade.  I wasn't a huge fan of nineties music, movies or TV.  Although I saw many films including; Jurassic Park, The Silence of the Lambs and Forest Gump that I liked, I'm only now getting caught up watching some of the best films from era.

I also wasn't watching much television during those years, although I did get into many shows including; Friends, Dawson's Creek and Frasier, years after they left the air.  Sometimes it's take some time and distance to look back, and appreciate all that was going on during a difficult period of time.  I can now look back and see that so much of what I did and went through in the nineties, paved the way for the path that I later followed.  Without those struggles, I may not have ended up where I am today.

My appreciation for the nineties also includes my appreciation of art and photography from the decade.  I see magazine covers from the 90's now, and think about how fearless artist's were able to be.  The nineties were an especially interesting time for artist's whose focus was the male form.  Although there were always risks with imagery of the male nude, the nineties seemed to be a decade of transition.  Some the fear that shadowed the eighties was diminishing, and artists were looking to celebrate the beauty and sensuality of the naked male form.

It was during the nineties that Ian from macpics really hit his stride as an artist.  It was also the decade he felt the freedom to be more open with advertising, and soliciting young male models to pose for nude shoots.  Daniel was introduced to Ian through a mutual acquaintance, and to Ian's surprise, was very eager to pose after Ian broached the subject.  Daniel had a creative side himself, and was full of creative ideas for his shoot.

'In those days, it wasn't yet the fashion to go to the gym.  Daniel was fortunate to have a tight, toned body, without really having to put in any effort. I actually didn't think of Daniel as particularly good-looking at first, but his face exuded an interesting touch of toughness which really appealed to me. I though it would work well for the shots I wanted to capture, and it did.'

Unfortunately,  not all of Ian's memories from this nineties shoot were positive.  Daniel was interested in pursuing models, and decided he should try lifting weights to bulk up.  Ian was living in Germany at the time, and when it was time to leave, Daniel offered to buy his dumbbells and weight lifting equipment. Daniel took the weights, but never returned as he promised to pay for them.  Looking back now, there was a bright side, at least Ian didn't have to lug them on a plane when he returned to Australia....

Ian was certainly on point about Daniel's face, it's shape, and Daniel's beautiful eyes, photograph beautifully, especially with black and white film, an artist's hallmark from the nineties.  Daniel's also got a great body and beautifully shaped and plumped butt, especially for a guy so lean. Daniel's nineties bangs also work beautifully for the feel and character driven theme Ian used as his focus.