Friday, June 17, 2022

Favorite Pic of the Day for June 18th

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Seasonal Sightings:

Chip Off the Old Block

I was only a baby when The Incredible Hulk aired on CBS, but I did enjoy Lou Ferrigno when he was on The King of Queens.  Although I'm certainly not a fan of his politics, I was interested to learn a bit about his hot son, Lou Ferrigno Jr.

In addition to bodybuilding and fitness modeling, Ferrigno Jr has also become an actor with roles most recently on Stargirl and S.W.A.T.  I hope he hasn't followed in his father's political footsteps, but as for the genes, they certainly didn't fall far from the tree.

FaVorites: Matt Shively

'I've been naked in two films.  Summer of 8, but they cut it!  The other move doesn't seem like it's ever going to see the light of day, but I went full nude in that bad boy.'

I initially hesitated using the term 'dad bod' to describe actor Matt Shively. Like so many descriptive words and phrases, (think 'woke') something initially meant to be positive, often gets corrupted.  'Dad bod' was never meant to be an insult, just the opposite in fact. 

It began as a way to describe a hot guy with an sexy, but not overly pumped up body.  A guy who wasn't too thin, and one who didn't spend every waking hour in the gym.   Sure they might have some love handles, but they were also usually quite fit, just not obsessed with it. 

I love me some Matt Shively, and love every inch of his beautiful body.  Although he's not overly muscled, Matt takes great care of himself, and if you've check out his Instagram, know that he spends a lot of time in the gym.  He's also quite confidant with his body and is frequently shirtless, and pantless, in his Instagram stories.

The 31 year old Shively been acting since he was a teen.  Matt began his career working on Nickelodeon on shows including; True Jackson VP, Winx Club and The Troop.  Most recently, Shively had regular roles on the sit-coms The Real O'Neals, The Purge, The Santa Clara Diet and American Housewife

Family Business:

I knew to get to the next level I’d have to do something that would really get everyone talking.'

Like so many these days, UK based fitness model Jake Herbert thought opening an OnlyFans page might be a great way to make a little extra cash.  He did quite well, and began gaining a loyal following.  One day, Jake posted a shot of he and his father, shirtless after a workout at the gym.  His OnlyFans viewers went crazy!

Viewers wanted to see more, and soon... they did.  It took a little convincing, but Jake's dad finally agreed to pose for some shots.  In the beginning, Jake removed covered while dad only showed his ass.  Not sure of the reaction, dad wanted to keep things tame, especially given he kept his full time job as a plumber.

Well, the reaction was swift, and viewers and cash began pouring in and the two became one of the sites most popular pages.  So popular, Onlyfans took down their page claiming the duo was violating the sites rules.  They were not, and the page was quickly put back up.  Both Jake and his father are straight, and there is zero sexual interaction between them.

As you can see, dad got a bit more comfortable, especially given all the cash that began to flow in.  Soon, he was going full frontal as well, although father and son don't often pose fully nude together.  Although there are a few double dick pics, in most of their shots, one of them keeps at least partially covered.

On his Twitter page, (HERE:) Jake promotes his Onlyfans page as the only REAL Father and son duo on OnlyFans.  Although there are a lot of 'daddy' themed pages, this father and son is the real deal.  If you want to see more, you can find Jake and his dad on OnlyFans HERE: