Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Favorite Pic of the Day for January 23rd

Good Vibrations!
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Check out today's birthday boys including; Jarl-Espen Ygranes, Richard Dean Anderson, Mariska Hargitay, Rutger Hauer, Brian Kehoe and Stanislas Merhar HERE: & HERE:

Glee: Naked

The shirtless Christmas themed shot of Darren Criss was making the rounds in December. I was going to publish it then but then felt it looked a bit odd, possibly Darren's head edited on another guys body and decided to skip it.

A few days later it was reported the shot was part of an upcoming episode in which the Glee boys take it off for a calendar. That episode, Naked is set to air next week on January 31st. Although we will sadly will not see any of the guys actually naked, the promotional shots for the episode do show there will be a bit of skin from Darren, Blake Jenner, Samuel Larsen,Jacob Artist and Chord Overstreet.


'And no matter how popular or successful they are, the young men are quickly chewed up and spit out — no longer needed in an industry that constantly requires fresh faces, and always has another flock of desperate 18-20 year-olds anyway.'
Brent Hartinger, AfterElton.com

I don't cover many porn stars on FH. I have no real problem with porn, I have crushed over more than a few Corbin Fisher guys, and for the most part know those involved know exactly what they are doing, are of legal age and just making a living.

I also know however the industry, for both men and women, attracts a degree of young people desperate to make a buck. Some struggle with mental health issues, may feel backed in a corner and end up in porn not for fun, nor really by choice, but by necessity. I guess this is true for many professions but with porn the stakes can be much higher, the results much longer lasting and the vultures that much more lethal.

I watched an interesting movie last week, All Boys, a documentary going behind the scenes of Prague's Gay Adult Film Industry. The film focused on one industry's most prominent producers Dan Komar and many of his models. Dan didn't try to hide, nor seemed to see, how he was sadly working through his own issues through his models, thinking these young men, one in particular, loved him.

The one in particular was Aaron Hawke, Hawke coming from Don thinking he bore a resemblance to actor Ethan Hawke. Don plucked Aaron off the streets at 18 for obvious reasons, Aaron has an incredibly beautiful face and body and delicious blue eyes. His story is sad one however, with Aaron struggling with mental health issues and never able to give Don everything he is looking for. The movie ends with Aaron, pretty much washed up in the industry, homeless, back on the streets of Prague. There is something sadly fascinating about Aaron journey that held my attention. You can read more about All Boys at AfterElton.com HERE:

The Posterior Progression


In 2012 actor Mark Wahlberg once again pleased the legions of fans of his poserior, by dislplaying his incredible derriere on the big screen. In Ted, Wahlberg's character John has his sweat pants pulled down for a television antenna spanking via his angry furry friend.

Spring 2012

In honor of Ted, I thought it a good time to look back, starting with his days with The Funky Bunch and the over 20 years of appearances of one of films finest assets!

Marky Mark (early 90's)

The Basketball Diaries (1995)

Boogie Nights (1997)

The Corruptor (1999)

Rock Star (2001)

Four Brothers (2005)

Ted (2012)

Tied, Bound & Secure!

Last week when I featured the astounding images of Ajuna and Stephen by photographer Gordon Nebeker, I tucked a few away to post today. Today is Ajuna and Stephen's wedding day and wanted to mark the occasion with best wishes and special congratulations! All the best to you both.