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Favorite Pic of the Day for October 26th

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Pumpkins and witches are two of the most recognizable symbols of All Hallow's Eve.  Today's posts salute both the the black and the orange.  Check out more of Luis (above) by New Manhattan Studios on the NEXT PAGE HERE:

Something Wicked This Way Comes....

Calamus by Allan Spiers Photography

'The moon has awoken with the sleep of the sun 
Light has been broken and the spell has begun'

One of reasons I love Halloween so much is because of what it's not.  Halloween is the one holiday you can make entirely your own. There are no pressures to decorate, (which I do), or cook, (which I don't) there are no big family meals or visits from that great aunt you choose to avoid the rest of the year. There are no gifts to buy, not pressure to be merry and the entire world doesn't shut down. You can be out with friends, or home alone with a good scary movie. On Halloween, either one is just fine. Halloween is also the night you can dress as you would the rest of the year if only you could get away with it!

Ethan by Studio1x

As many FH viewers are aware, over the last few years I've been on a witch hunt.  Thanks to some talented and generous photographers, the FH Coven has started to round out.  One witch became two, then year after year more witches have flown in to join the fun and increase the power and intensity of the magic.  This year, we welcome yet another member to the Coven, please welcome That Naked Nerd to the fold in the piece below!

Charmed & Dangerous: That Naked Nerd by PhotoRSH

'The world has called me by many a name: Wizard, Druid, Sorcerer, Mage, Warlock, Pagan, Shaman. But they do not see my truth. The essence of who I am. A man who lives by the Moon Robed in magic. A practitioner of the old ways. I AM A WITCH!'

Although I'm supportive of those who are, I've never really been into drag.  I am however, really into men, especially through the visual arts, taking on iconic characters, regardless of their sex.  When I first wanted a witch for the site, it wasn't a warlock I was looking for.  I wanted a hot male model taking on the traditional characteristics of a witch, well... maybe not warts and all.

I am especially intrigued by the blend of the masculine with the traditional qualities and elements of the witch.  The black hat, the broom stick, the spells and magic.   I love seeing how male models navigate themselves through these established elements, and how they handle and ride their long wooden stick...  You can just imagine my excitement when I saw a new hottie straddling his broom stick, especially given the images were from an artist whose work I love and admire.

I've been fortunate to have previously featured the work of photographer PHOTORSH. In those previous pieces however, (HERE:) the focus has been primarily on fitness, and fitness models. Although That Naked Nerd is questionably fit, incredibly so, this is the first time I've featured some of PHOTORSH's character based and themed work. PHOTORSH hadn't really explored a Halloween theme before, but thanks to That Naked Nerd's love of a certain television show, everything beautifully came together!

'There was a little inspiration for the sitting set to be modeled with props and a look to mimic the original “Charmed” series, of which That Naked Nerd is a HUGE fan. We wanted to use some props and set a scene as if from the show, but adding a very sexy erotic twist to it, as everything does with That Naked Nerd.  The standing witch props were more just for a standard “sexy witch costume” idea and something simpler that I could get away with on Instagram with careful censoring.'

Horror Hunks: Robert Culp in A Name for Evil

'The Dream House..that became a Nightmare! '

I really didn't know much about actor Robert Culp.  I think I was introduced to him in the late 1990's with his role of Warren, Debra's father on Everybody Loves Raymond.  His handsome jaw and face looked familiar, and I'm sure I must have seen him guesting on a TV show or in an old movie.  

Everybody Loves Raymond

As far as FH is concerned, I did connect Culp with William Katt, and the publicity shots I'd found while looking for images for pieces I'd done on Katt.  The two co-starred on The Greatest American Hero in the eighties.  Culp had a long and varied career with roles on television and in films beginning back in the 1950's.  He appeared consistently on TV and in films throughout the sixties, seventies and eighties with a variety of roles including doing more than a few westerns. 

Although Culp was in his late sixties when I was introduced to him on Raymond, he still had a strong and handsome face, giving hints he must have been quite a favorite hunk to many when he was younger.

Recently, I read about a nude scene he had in the 1973 horror flick A Name For Evil, so of course, I had to check it out.  Along the way, I also had to check out 1969's Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice, just to check out Culp in his skivvies.

Bob & Ted & Carol & Alice (1969)

A Name for Evil (1973)

Dissatisfied with the family architectural business, a man and his wife pack up and move out to his great-grandfather's old house in the country. While trying to patch it up, the house starts to make it clear to him that it doesn't want him there, but the local church (with some off-kilter practices of their own) seems to take a shine to him...