Monday, January 26, 2009

Favorite Pic of the Day for January 26th

Long hair only works on some guys (believe me, I walked around with long hair for far too long...) but this guy wears it well. Beautiful pic!

Favorite Birthday Boys for January 26th

Favorite Birthday Boys for January 26th

Actor Gonzalo Valenzuela Hölzel who hails from Chile turns 31 today.

Beautiful and talented French actor Melvil Poupaud turns 36 today.

Also Celebrating today January 26th

Rugby's Thomas Combezou turns 22 today.

Gilles Marini certainly made a splash last year in 'Sex And The City' Gilles turns 33 today.

Next two pics by Fred Goudon.

Paul Johansson turns 45 today.

The Great One, Wayne Gretzky turns 49 today.

Terra's New Boy: Fernando Bacalow

I am not sure how Terra does it, but they rarely disappoint. There new guy Fernando Bacalow is no exception.

Movie Actor Of The Day: Cole Hauser

I thought I first saw actor Cole Hauser when I rented 'Paparazzi' on DVD a couple of years ago. I instantly was in lust with amazing man, not only for his talent, but got to be honest, his chest sealed the deal. Little did I know I had been watching Cole in some of my favorite movies for years. From 'School Ties', 'Good Will Hunting', 'White Oleander', and 'Tigerland'.

Well, this post was motivated by a post by Christoph at Dreamcaps about Cole's role in 'The Stone Angel'. I have yet to see the movie, but LOVED the book when I read it years ago. I have tried to rent it a couple of times, but they only have 1 copy at my local store and Ellen Page's role in it, has had it out everytime I try to rent it. I shall try again this week as I have enjoyed almost all things Cole Hauser.

Cole in 'The Stone Angel'