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Favorite Pic of the Day for August 12th

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I can't believe that I never watched 1994's The Shawshank Redemption until last month. I knew many people who say it was their favorite movie, and I think I must have seen pieces of it when I was younger, but something about the film had me thinking I wouldn't enjoy it. I was wrong. No spoilers, but I think I was expecting a sad and traumatic ending, and although there were moments in the film that were indeed sad and tragic, the ending was beautifully rewarding.

I was surprised to see an actor I didn't expect in a small, but pivotal role in the film. The actor was one I knew only from television, and was never really drawn to him before. Maybe it was the sideburns, maybe it was because he was one of the youngest and hottest prisoners in Shawshank, but after seeing him in the film, I knew he make the perfect subject for my series of Actors & Skin. Check out more on PAGE 2 HERE: & HERE:

Body Talk

Last month, thanks to DC poster Billydee, I introduced FH readers to The Australian Women's Forum Magazine and one of it's hottest centerfolds, the visualicious Matt Dunk. (HERE:)  Like's it's US counterpart, Playgirl, AWF magazine had several interesting sections, including a real man section, which they titled Studly, for women to submit nude images of their husbands and boyfriends.

One of the most interesting parts of AWF was a piece titled Body Talk.  Body talk was devoted to couples, with discussion focused on the couples attitudes about their bodies.   Most of the couples were male/female hetero couples, but there were a few gay couples, and more than a few brother duos, (like John and Lee pictured here) who posed together for the magazine.  If you want to see more couples from this section, (including a few beautiful female bodies) check out PAGE 2 HERE:

Nick Clifford in Glow

I've been enjoying the talent, and the beautiful face, of actor Nick Clifford for awhile now, especially his role on Masters of Sex.  When I heard he had a nude scene in the third episode of Season 3 of Glow, I was looking forward to maybe seeing a flash of butt.  I was wrong....

I only started Glow a few months ago, and am still watching season 1, but just had to take a peak ahead....The scene is truly spectacular, not a quick flash, but a long full season with no tricks to hide any of Nick.  The scene is also quite funny and clever, with Paul (Nick) having sex with Melanie, and both waking up the next morning wanting to be paid, thinking it's the other that's a prostitute.  Hopefully Paul sticks around for the rest of the season!

Glow (2019)

A few seconds of the end of the scene

The Prudist of Nudists: Sam by Naked Ambition

'I was drawn to Sam because of his trim physique, long hair, elven good looks and the twinkle in his eye.'

I was drawn to Sam's great body, eye twinkle and hot look as well.  I think it was especially Sam's beautiful long straight blonde hair that first attracted me to the images sent on from George from Naked Ambition. Growing up in the eighties and nineties, I had a think for guys with long, blonde, and strikingly straight hair.

I think part of it might have been my thing for rockers.  There was always at least one member of every band or group that, along with his leather pants, took a hair straightener or two along on tour.  If the guy with the flowing blonde locks wasn't a rocker, he often leaned towards the spiritual.  A new age guy with Quaker values, with exceptions of course, especially when it came to sex and his hair care products....

George noticed Sam when he was checking out model portfolio's prior to an upcoming trip to Albuquerque.  George shoots both male and female, and was contacting models in the area that he was interested in shooting during his visit.  In turn, Sam checked out George's images, and liked what he saw.  Arrangements were made to shoot on George's third day in town.

Since George had booked a room at a clothing optional B & B, (the only one in New Mexico) He thought it would be the perfect place for them to shoot.  Shooting on location at the B & B meant George and Sam may have to work around other guests.  On the plus side, unlike most photo shoots, having guests around would mean that Sam wouldn't be the only one naked.  After clearing the shoot with the B & B's owner, everything was a go!

George greeted Sam at the door when he arrived and introduced him to the proprietress. They immediately went out back to the pool, stripped off and began to work.  George knew the location well as he had completed a successful shoot with a female model at the same pool the day before. When he and Sam began shooting however, George wasn't aware, that a pair of new guests had arrived the night before.  An elderly couple who ended up being the prudist of nudists.

'Sam and I began our shoot with him doing yoga poses on the diving board. In addition to his full time job as a clinically trained hypnotherapist, he is also a part time yoga instructor. The couple came out, and started out  at the far end of the yard in the hot tub. Sam and I had been shooting for 15-20 minutes when the couple got out of the hot tub and got into the pool and began swimming laps.'

'I made a point of only shooting Sam when they were at the far end of the pool and out of view from my camera. We continued shooting for a few more minutes when the proprietress approached me looking quite disturbed. The couple had voiced their objection to the shoot taking place and were threatening to leave. Not wanting to cause her any trouble, Sam and I exited the pool area and finished the shoot in my room. We were both taken aback at the turn of events considering that everyone involved was a nudist.'

George reports that for the remainder of his stay, the couple studiously avoided him for the three days their visits overlapped. Although the incident caused a location change for the shoot, George still managed to get some great shots of Sam under the  incredible New Mexico sun blue skies. It also didn't deter George from enjoying the rest of his stay at the B & B, the beautiful accommodations and grounds and the delicious gourmet breakfasts.  I'm guessing the elderly couple enjoyed their breakfasts as well, too bad they didn't also appreciate all the incredible views their say had to offer.

Favorite Pic of the Day for August 11th


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Kudos to Race Imboden

'Racism, mistreatment of immigrants and a “president who spreads hate” were among the reasons.'

Earlier today I was working out when I saw Race Imboden on CNN .  I had headphones on, and the TV was on mute, but I made a note to google him after my shower. I knew Race from his modeling work, but hadn't heard about the reason he was now making the news.  Kudos Race!

U.S. Fencer, Race Imboden, Takes a Knee at Pan-American Games

Body Talk: Couples

It's always exciting to see someone you think is attractive without their clothes on.  There's an added layer of interest, at least to me, to see couples completely nude.  It's especially fun if the couples aren't professional models, and the photo-shoot captures a moment in their relationship, maybe a beginning, a middle, or heading towards an ending.  Body Talk doesn't just show beautiful bodies, it takes you into how the couples feel about the bodies they've chose to be with, or in the case of brothers, the bodies they've grown up in competition with, and beside.

Lee & Guy

'Her body is totally lush, a hit from top to bottom!'

Amanda & James

Sabrina & Duncan

Kay & Glen

John & Lee
David & Rick

Daniel & Jamie

Twin brothers Daniel and Jamie Westhorpe of Geelong, share parents, a birthday, and the genes for spunky good looks. Now, they're sharing a moment of glor as King Studs!. Daniel, a construction rigger, and Jamie, a roof-tiler, also share each others pain. When Jamie had a shoulder reconstruction, Daniel's arm went dead at the exat time Jamie went into surgery. Spooky!

Gil Bellows: ACTORS & Skin

It's funny how someone, in this case, an actor, can be in your realm of consciousness, yet, not really be noticed until the time is right.  I knew who Gil Bellows was, but until recently, if anyone asked me about him, all that I would have known, was that he was in Ally McBeal.   Ally McBeal wasn't a show I watched, I think I remember seeing an episode or two, a Christmas episode stands out, but I was never really drawn to it.

Until seeing Bellows as Tommy in The Shawshank Redemption, I really had no idea what a successful career Bellows also had on screen.  When Tommy arrives at Shawshank, he's noticed by all, prisoners and audience members a like.  Bellow's energy is different from his co-stars, and for his brief time on film, he and and sideburns make their mark.

I never realized how hot Bellows was until Shawshank, it must be in part, those sideburns. He mostly wore suits on Ally McBeal, and although he remained clothed in Shawshank, his sex appeal was far more intense than I remember feeling before.

I was surprised to see the extent of Bellow's film work, and the major stars he worked with.  I was also pleasantly surprised to find 4 nude scenes on his resume.  Two were but quick butt flashes, but the other two gave us a more lengthy linger at Bellow's buttocks.  Check out the 4 scenes in the SKIN part of Actors & Skin below.

Ally McBeal (1997)

The Shawshank Redemption (1994)

Silver Strand (1995)