Friday, October 25, 2013

Favorite Pic of the Day for October 25th

Bang Bang!
Keith by Carl Proctor
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The Other Side:

'I’m very proud of my manhood. It’s the best part of my body so I want to look after it!'
Jason Derulo

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Above: Jason promoting the importance of check-ups and screenings for testicular cancer for Cosmopolitan magazine.


If I had a hammer,
I'd hammer in the morning,
I'd hammer in the evening

It is funny how photography and certain images can impact you differently at different times. Anytime I see any of Carl Proctor's work with Keith I have a reaction, but when revisiting their work together for a piece this past September I looked at one of Carl's images differently. There is something about the way the leather tool belt drapes around Keith's waist, the way the string from the apron is tied in a bow so deliciously on his derriere that had me appreciating the image in a whole new way. When I mentioned this to Carl, he generously edited together the other images from the set for FH.

We could all use tool belted Keith in our lives. I think one of the reasons I loved the images so much was the connection to my love of home improvement. I am pretty handy with a hammer myself, my problem is follow through. There are several rooms in my house half painted or almost papered. I get enthused to begin a project, but lose interest quickly. Last Sunday I prepped a room to paint. I took down the pictures, washed down the walls, removed the electrical covers and dusted. I then used painters tape to protect the windows and trim and put down newspaper and a drop cloth to cover the floor. Then... I was tired and have not really gone back in the room since. Maybe I will return to the project this Sunday... or maybe I will hire Keith to finish the job.

Alexander by Daniel Marcus

I originally featured these images of Alexander by Daniel Marcus a few years ago, but when I went to find the post, some of the images were not showing up so I decided to repost it. I contacted Daniel after seeing this shoot, especially falling in love with his beautiful images of Alexander on the chair. If you haven't seen them before, enjoy and if you, enjoy again!

One of the joys of putting together FH is discovering artists whose work I would not have come across if not for the blog. Although I love posting the work of North American photographers, I have found myself taking virtual tours of different parts of the globe in search of work that inspires. For awhile, I was spending a lot of time in Australia where I found a never ending pool of talent and artistry. Over the past year or so I have spent a lot of time profiling the work of artists in London and the UK. Recently, for whatever reason, it has been France where I have found inspiration.

Photographer Daniel Marcus lives and works in Paris. It was not Paris however that inspired this series of shots. A trip this past January to Australia is where Daniel met up with and photographed 20 year old Alexander from Newcastle.

Daniel Marcus has been taking photographs for about two and a half years. Currently Daniel works freelance in publishing, and photography is a hobby. He specialises in male nudes and portraiture. His most recent photos have been done for exhibitions and have been themed to issues including violence and constraints. Recently Daniel began a series of images that evoke modern dance. While the majority of his work is in black and white the shots of Alexander used natural light. While in Australia earlier this year, Daniel discovered there were many models in the area. Using Model Mayhem, contacted a few and ended up with very good responses.

"Being away from home forced me to adapt to new situations, namely the bush near Melbourne (I had to find the location on Google Maps...) and in the apartment I was occupying in Sydney: I'd been wanting to do some interior shots for ages and unfortunately my apartment in Paris is not very photogenic."

When I saw Daniel's shots of Alexander I knew I wanted to share them on FH. There was a 'feel' to the shoot, a quietness, a soulfulness that came through not only in Alexander's eyes, but the lighting and viewpoint used. I especially loved the shots of Alexander in the chair. Through Daniel's lens, it is clear there is something going on for Alexander, something on his mind, a discontent that creates a complexity, another layer to the shots. It was this additional layer that made Daniel's work with Alexander stand out to me.

A sincere thank you to Daniel for sharing his work with FH! Daniel is currently putting together his new website. When completed I will share the link as well as more of his work!

Hands on!

Another day, another incredible set of promotional images of the 2014 Warwick Rowers Calendar and video! This year, the Warwick Rowers have gone bigger and better and have set up their own charity called Sport Allies. Sport Allies aims to battle homophobia and bullying in schools and it is from the success of the calendar that this is all possible.

Warwick Rowers 2014 Calendar: Get a sneak peek at your year ahead with us! from Progressive Media on Vimeo.