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Favorite Pic of the Day for December 20th

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Seasonal Sightings:

Xavier by TR Pics

A Vintage Vantage: Clyde Wallace

Clyde Dayton Wallace
Colt Studio Model
Years Active: 1975-1979

'Like most people, my first view of Clyde Wallace was when he appeared on the cover of IN TOUCH magazine.  Although their coverage of him was excellent, I wanted to see more....Quite by accident, fate allowed it to happen.'

I can honestly say I have never worked with a young man who was more cooperative, patient or less demanding.  nor have I witnessed clearer, bluer eyes whose effect was more startling.'

The above quotes from Colt Studio's Jim French who took most of my favorite images of model Clyde Wallace.  Like French, it was that cover of IN TOUCH that first introduced me to Wallace.  I however, just saw it last week on a Tumblex site, and the scan didn't necessarily highlight those blue eyes.  I was drawn to Wallace's beautiful head of seventies hair.  I love a guys eyes, but a great head of hair... reels me right in.

12 Days: Richard Harmon in Heaven Down Here

'Inspired by Mickey Guyton's song of the same name, "Heaven Down Here" tells the story of four disparate people who find themselves stranded in a local diner on Christmas Eve when a snowstorm hits the town.'

Some long time readers might remember that I began my 12 Days holiday hunks theme, not with a Hallmark hottie, but a slew of lookers on Lifetime.   It was back in 2009 after seeing an ad for the Kristin Chenoweth Lifetime movie, the 12 Men of Christmas.   Up until then, I don't think I'd even ever seen a Hallmark movie.  

After reading about subject matter however, the making of a calendar featuring shirtless search and rescue workers, I had to take a look.  It also featured a corral of cuties including; Josh Hopkins, Jefferson Brown, Stephen Huszar and Jessie Pavelka.  Although the theme was started, it wasn't until a few years later in 2014 that I really started counting down the 12 Days of Christmas with my 12 Days theme on the site.

In some ways, this post comes full circle.  One of those 12 holiday hunks I featured back in 2014 was actor Richard Harmon and his role in the Hallmark holiday film, The Wishing Tree.  The movie was actually made in 2012, but because back then, Hallmark wasn't making as many original new movies each year, the ones they did have were repeated over and over.

Tower Prep

I wasn't sure what to anticipate from a film titled, Heaven Down Here, and was really expecting much.  I thought it would be a like a sappy episode of Touched By An Angel, and in some ways it was.  At the same time, I think... and don't quote me on this, it's been my favorite Hallmark holiday film so far this season.

Judas Kiss (2011)

There is no real romance in the film, the drama and tear jerking moments come from family relationships.  Although the 'twist' was expected, it still hit the mark, mostly due to the talented cast.  In addition to Harmon, Heaven Down Here featured actors;  Krystal Joy Brown, Tina Lifford, Juan Riedinger and Phylicia Rashad in a small but pivotal role.

I instantly recognized Harmon's face, but had to check IMDB to confirm that I wasn't only familiar with the face, but the actor.   Although there has been 11 years since the two Christmas movies that I featured, Harmon looks virtually the same.  Many of you know Richard from his television appearances on shows including; The 100, The Night Agent, Bates Motel, The Killing and Tower Prep.  You may also know him from film roles in I Will See You, The Age of Adaline and 2011's Judas Kiss.   Although the actor has appeared shirtless on many TV shows, I believe Judas Kiss is the actors only nude scene. 

skatercakes: A Long Winter's Night

'When I shoot inside, I can get in my own little world and be as creative as I want with no constraints'
Julian, (skatercakes)

With tomorrow being the official start of winter, I thought it was time to settle in, relax and get cozy before the craziness that is Christmas begins.  As much as I love being outside, and the summer breezes and heat, I equally enjoy settling in for a long winter's night.  I am so behind on movies and tv shows, I have three half finished book on my night stand, and a ton of work to do that requires staying in, and comfy on the couch to finish.

Three are candles to be lit, long baths to be taken, and friends I want to reconnect and get snug with.  When I was looking for just the right set of images to set the tone, I knew that Julian, (skatercakes) was the perfect self-portrait artist to turn to.   I'd been following his work for awhile now, but when he recently posted a shot of himself, naked, in front of the fire, I knew I had the perfect visual to set the mood, and provide plenty of inspiration to get us all through those long winter nights.

Although Julian has earned those tight and squeezable butt cheeks from skateboarding and lots of outdoor hikes and activities, I wanted to feature images of Julian inside, enjoying his home, on his couch and in his bed.  Time with his pets, his space, and most importantly, with himself.

Do you know what sparked your love of being naked? 
Ever since I went to my first nude beach (Gunnison Beach) I was in love with the idea of being naked. I felt like I was vulnerable yet accepted at the same time. It was really freeing, and I felt almost as if there was a sense of camaraderie between ever nudist. 

What prompted you to first share your images on-line? 
To be perfectly honest, I got the idea when I started hearing people making loads of cash on OnlyFans, and at the time I was out of a job so I started doing it to survive. Since then I’ve grown to love the artistic aspect of it. I love expressing myself and making short films, so it was the perfect medium for me. Now I have a “regular” job, but this economy isn’t exactly forgiving so it’s nice to have some extra cash coming in. 

Did you have any concerns or issues before hand or after?
My only concern was entering the professional/corporate world while doing online nudity. In the end I found this was mostly an irrational fear as everyone uses pseudonyms anyways and if I were *that* successful to where people were finding out, I probably wouldn’t need a corporate job anyways ;) 

Do your family/friends know of your hobby and on-line images? 
My close friends know and are super supportive. Sometimes they even help me out with content. My sister is the only one in my immediate family who knows, and I’m so grateful she is open minded and supportive as well. 

Which do you prefer, being naked alone at home, or in the fresh air outside 
They both have their pros and cons. I love being outside, but unless it’s a nudist area, I kind of have to always be looking over my shoulder for anyone passing by. When I shoot inside, I can get in my own little world and be as creative as I want with no constraints.

When shooting outside, any issues with nature, weather, bugs, critters? 
Oh yes. There was one shoot I was doing with a photographer named Béla for a series called Naked Men Talking. We shot at Rooster Rock in Oregon. The mosquitos were relentless. We had to stop shooting multiple times just because we were being eaten alive. It was worth it though!

Referring back to the Rooster Rock shoot, people were constantly passing by and staring. They saw a camera and were curious. I’ve been caught a few times on my own, but seeing as we live in such a social media oriented world, people don’t seem to care much.

Do you have a 'dream' scenario that you'd love to shoot? 
I’ve often dreamt of going to Hawaii and shooting in nature there. The location seems so magical. I’ve also thought about being in or directing adult films. I'm a creative at heart and I’m always looking to grow my vision into other mediums if I felt it was the right circumstance

What is the best compliment you've got from a fan about your body? 
I think someone compared me to Michelangelo’s David once. Can’t think of a better compliment to exist. I was truly flattered. 

Do you shoot all the images yourself or do you sometimes have help? 
Pretty much everything on my socials are self portraits unless stated otherwise. Doing self shoots is very meditative for me. I love being in the silence of my inspiration and letting new ideas flow.

You've done a few naked hikes with friends, how is experience different than being alone? 
Two is always better than one! My only other nudist friend out this way is Tanner (nakedtravelz). We don’t get together enough as he’s in Utah, but hopefully more to come soon.

What is your favorite location to shoot in? 
Definitely Rooster Rock. There’s so much diverse nature there and so many ways to have fun and get creative shots. Also everyone else is nude, so it’s always a party!

What made you decide to start an Onlyfans? 
I guess I answer this in the earlier question. It seems like everyone I know has to have at least two jobs to survive these days. I’d like to think I am financially literate and I’m always looking for extra ways to make passive cash. Between that and my love for creative expression, it seemed like a great fit! I hope to take it to the next level soon so everyone is to stay tuned :)

I went through a bit of a lull recently as I was moving around and changing jobs, but I am looking to get back to posting every day. If you subscribe, you can always shoot me a message and I’ll always respond! I love doing PPV requests as well, really getting into what turns people on and doing something special for them. Oh, and you can definitely expected a weekly cum shot, at the very least ;)