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Favorite Pic of the Day for September 25th


Happy Birthday today September 25th

Happy Birthday Mr. Austad!

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Five With Fahrmeyer

When I first got on the net, some of the first images of the male form that I was drawn to were from artist Hans Fahrmeyer.  I remember right clicking and saving so many of his images, especially his work with Vista Video.  Hans was very supportive with my featuring his work and the first edition of Sunday's With Hans began back in 2009. Since then, it has been a regular, and popular part of the site.

Five With Fahrmeyer

Do you follow the careers of the some of the models you've shot? 

Not Really . Some I do that I became friends with. Otherwise it would impossible to keep track of the over 550 models that I've worked with


Do you have a favorite shoot or experience from your years of shooting?  

Yes the shoot with my first model Tony Hriskopoulos. He refused to do nude with Bruce weber but he did with me.


Are there any other models that stand out as favorites?

So many!  Michael Scalisi and Karim Cloujjane. (He had this monster thing) Chris Mosello,  Misha Bandaletov and Nikolay Voroninnik.  I can't forget Santiago Peralta from Argentine and Marcel Rodriguez. There were many more.


Misha & Nikolay

What model or shoot are you most asked about? 

Chris Mosello is very popular. My nudes with Marcel and Santiago.



How did the pandemic impact your work?  

It did not impact me much really. I was working on a new book, Desire which will be released soon.  I also shot and sold to a variety of private collectors

How You Doin'?

Many of the themes I explore on FH are done intentionally.  Some of them however, have arisen more organically and without intent.  As I've gotten older, I've found myself looking at many models and performers very differently over time.  One of them is actor Matt LeBlanc.  

When I first started watching Friends, I was still in my teens.  Matt Leblanc was older than I was and I when I first started watching the show, I found little to  nothing really that visually appealing about him.  I also wasn't a huge fan of his character Joey. My favorite characters on the show were Phoebe, Chandler and Monica, Joey would would have been last on the list.

Since watching the Friends reunion earlier this year, I've found myself more inclined to check out the odd repeat when they air.  Last week, I watched The One With The Flashback from the shows third season.  In the episode, many of the characters are introduced to LeBlanc's Joey for the first time.  Monica finds him incredibly hot which leads to Joey mistaking her invitation for some 'ice tea' as a signal she wants to have sex. 

For some strange reason, for the first time, I could see the actor, and the characters attraction.  When Joey stripped down in Monica's living room, he looked incredibly hot.  Although he's older and has put on a bit of weight, LeBlanc is still a handsome man.  I don't think I noticed however, how beautifully structured his face was when he was on Friends.

Red Shoe Diaries

Lookin' Italian (1994)

I think because I was younger than the actor and character when I first started to watch, I didn't necessarily appreciate his appeal.  Watching now, I'm older than both the actor, and the actor during the time that he filmed the show in the 1990's.   It's always fascinating to me to see the changes in perspective, and the many actors I never really noticed that much when I was younger.  


When I was in my teens and twenties, I was usually only attracted to men about the same age as I was.  Now that I'm older, I appreciate and notice men both younger and older than I am.  I'm enjoying my current more extensive view.

The One With The Flashback

Back Issues: Playgirl's Wet Dreams, 2007

Vincent Lombardi

'You'll be damp yourself before getting through even one of our 12 wet n' wild water boys.'

Pleasure Pool:
Vincent Lombardi
Photographed by NF Photography

'I definitely have high aspirations   for fame and fortune.  Modeling nude is a way to set yourself apart, plus, it proves I'm confident with myself. '

Anthony Johnson

Anthony Johnson
Photographed by Tom Bianchi

'I like wild nights-you know, not just candlelight and dinner.  I need action for satisfaction.'

Val Taylor

'Val's mast will get you sailing full-speed ahead.'

Hosed Down
Val Taylor
Photographed by Studio 1435

'Val's swimming in cuteness-get ready to drown.'