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Favorite Pic of the Day for March 2nd

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Room With A View:

R.I.P Katherine Helmond

I grew up watching Who's The Boss, but at the time, I was still a closeted kid and didn't pay as much attention to Mona, instead pretended to lust after  Sam, with a bedroom full of Alyssa Milano posters to boot.   I grew to love actress Katherine Helmond when I was a bit older when watching her play Lois, Debra's uptight mother on Everyboy Loves Raymond. This led me to check out DVD's of Katherine's brilliant turn as Jessica Tate on Soap, and her role in Brazil. I also loved that Katherine seemed to enjoy showing off her hunky younger husband David Christian. (above, and in a few additional shots on FH HERE:) R.I. P Miss Helmond.

Jaden Goetz by Rick Day

I've been enjoying the work of Canadian model Jaden Goetz for some time and thought he was overdue for a FaVorite FiVe. Problem was, I had saved so many shots of the model and former hockey player, narrowing to five was impossible. I especially didn't want to lose any of these shots from his shoot with Rick Day.

Problem solved, introduce Jaden's work with Day here, and follow up with my FaVorite FiVe on PAGE 2 HERE:

Second Nature: Antoine by Bob Burkhardt

'I REALLY enjoyed and embraced this shoot this time around.'

Most things considered organic don't start off polished or flawless.  Even naturally born characteristics can be buried for a time, or a little rough in the beginning.  Over the course of working on FH, I have learned repeatedly, that many of the most confident models, models who appear fearless standing naked in front of the camera, didn't start out that way.

The first time model and actor Antoine Lust posed for photographer Bob Burkhardt he remembers being incredibly nervous.  Despite working in an industry where baring his body and expressing his sexuality is central to his work, it wasn't something that necessarily came naturally for Antoine in the beginning.

'I got into this business because I was told I would be good in it. I was a freak, sexy, etc. I dated an adult entertainer some odd years ago. So, it was on my bucket list from that point on. Just took me years to explore it.'

It's funny how others so often see things within us, we either don't see, or don't acknowledge within ourselves. Even when we do feel or know that we have a gift or talent, fear of failure or rejection, can cause us to dismiss it.  Sometimes it takes the validation from others, to provoke us to act our initial intuition. Although Antoine is clearly incredibly hot, it wasn't necessarily something that he initially imagined, that he could transfer and develop into a lucrative career.

'I enjoy meeting people whenever i go out or visit other cities. My first video I was nervous as hell, but got into it quickly. I enjoy sex in every sense of the action. By the time I got to the second video it was nothing for me to be in front of the camera.. I never thought I would have the attention that I do or the following that I have.   It's kind of surreal. But, I enjoy it.' 

Just like his video experience, Antoine describes a world of difference between his first shoot with Bob and the second, which produced the images in this piece.  Antoine says that knowing Bob, having had worked with him previously, played a big part in how much easier  the second shoot was, and how comfortable he felt.  This time, Antoine shares, he felt more comfortable in his own skin.

'Antoine is wonderful and engaging man. He and I met a couple years back when I photographed him. He was in town recently and we decided to shoot again. He was great to work with again and his photos were better than ever!  I would love to shoot him again.'

Some of Bob's shots of Antoine will be featured in next months Body & Soul exhibit, now in it's ninth year of celebrating the nude male form at its most compelling.  You can check out more about the Atlanta exhibit HERE:  Also check out Bob's Body & Soul calendar (April 2019-March 2020) on Bob's site HERE:

You can check out more of Antoine Lust on Twitter HERE: 
& see out more of Bob's work with Antoine on PAGE 2 HERE:

Favorite Pic of the Day for March 1st

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Happy Birthday today March 1st

Happy 41st to actor Jensen Ackles!

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Favorite Click of the Week: Frédéric Deban in Matar al Nani

I hadn't heard of French actor Frédéric Deban until this week, but after seeing a post by Alberto over at Dreamcap, I do now. The movie was 1988's Matar al Nani, and Deban was 24 at the time. Deban looks a bit like another French actor, a young Alain Delon and the caps and clips Alberto posted had me wanting to see more.

Although Deban has a brief frontal in the scene above, the scene below has the embarrassment element that especially hot.

FaVorite FiVe: Jaden Goetz

Jaden by Mark Mendez

Jaden by Adam Walsh

Image by Chuck Thomas

Jaden by Gabe Ayala

Last two shots by Marco Ovando

Body & Soul 2019: Antoine by Bob Burkhardt

'An exciting and evocative celebration of the nude male form at its most compelling...'

Body&Soul 2019
Opening: March 16, 2019  7-10pm
Artist reception: Saturday, March 16, 2019, 7-10pm
Show hangs until April 12, 2019

Now in its ninth year, pb&j gallery presents Body&Soul. With all you've come to expect from this sensual and erotic event, this exhibition celebrates the nude male form at its most compelling. This year, in addition to photography we are featuring drawings by Alexander Clark. Photographers Bob Burkhardt, Trevor Green and Derrick Lejermon exhibit their latest work.
Come early as this show promises to deliver a near-capacity crowd. Viewer discretion advised,