Sunday, May 24, 2020

Favorite Pic of the Day for May 25th

Riding the Waves by Photos By Deej
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Cheeks to Cheeks

Opera Cakes

Today, as I continue my look back at some of the centerfolds from Australian Women's Mag, I present opera singer Jason Hunter. Check out more of Jason, and his great set of lungs... on PAGE 2 HERE:

John Whaite: The Right Ingredients

'When I entered the competition, I didn’t think I’d have a cat in hell’s chance of winning. But that’s not to say I didn’t want to win - of course I did. It was a competition, and anyone who says they enter it just for the fun is lying.'
John and James

Stay at home orders have many seeking comfort, and one of my sources of comfort has been binge-watching old seasons of The Great British Bake Off.  The box checks all the right ingredients for comfort, beautiful scenery, friendly hosts, humor, and of course all that baking.  The show has even had me trying some of the recipes, although I'm not sure I'll ever master making a decent meat pie.

The judges and hosts are great, but what as drawn me to The Great British Bake Off has been the bakers themselves.  There have been a few seasons that few or none of the constants really draw me in, but there are other seasons, I enjoy following their progression.  Last week, I finished one of my favorite seasons of the show so far, series 3.

Season three had several bakers I enjoyed watching, and several hotties to crush over as they put things in and out of the oven.  Two, medical student James Morton, and law student John Whaite made it all the way to the finals.  For the fist half of the season, my main crush was James, the Scottish cutie who was extra creative with his bakes.

By the time the show was winding down, it was John Whaite who held my attention.  I think it was his bloody finger cut that sealed the deal.  John, sporting a blue glove, bounced back quickly, returning to make it to the finals.  Love his attitude, his bangs, and how hot his arms looked as he stirred, whisked and kneaded his dough.  It was just icing on the cake to discover he liked showing off those arms, and a wee bit more for photos.

Up His Alley: Windu by Photos By Deej

'I wish I had done more photos but we had to be quick as anyone could drive down the alley and catch us and call the police.'

One of the many powers of a great image is the ability to take you back.  Back in time, back to a memory, back to a feeling or emotion.  Recently I came upon an image that took me back to the work of a photographer I was initially drawn to in FH early days.  Back in 2008, one of the first photographers I featured was Photos by Deej. (HERE:)  A few years later I returned to Deej's work with a follow-up entitled Static Fluidity.

One of the things that drew me to Deej's work was his skill and ability at capturing energy and movement.  I am always fascinated with artists who not only freeze a moment, but the energy within that moment. Although he does shoot in studio's, most of my favorite shots from Deej are taken outside.  Deej is always looking for models who can play basketball, skateboard, juggle or surf. 

It was in fact Deej's images of models surfing nude, that I first remember seeing.  Shooting a model surfing, or any where on the beach in fact provides an opportunity for endless backgrounds, even if shooting on the same spot. Deej loves that you always get a different shot depending how the waves fall, and where the light might hit.

Although some of the shots were of models posing in the waves and laying on the sad, most of the men that Deej captures are of men in motion. Running, playing frisbee and surfing.  The Washington based photographer uses his camera to document models on their turf, doing activities that they participate in.  The resulting visuals felt more organically rooted and the eroticism not only from the naked male form, but the location and activity.

After recently seeing a shot of the sexy Windu on his skateboard, I was instantly reminded of what initially drew me to Deej's work.  This series was shot behind an an abandoned grocery store. Although the concept was Deej's, the skateboard tricks, especially the hand stand, all came from Windu.  Deej wishes he had shot for a longer period of time, but although they were in an alley, their were people close by, so they went in, got the shots, then got out, reducing the risk of being discovered.