Thursday, March 19, 2009

Favorite Pic of the Day for March 19th

I have posted a few pics of the day lately from Models By Didio, I have really been enjoying the work of this talented photographer. This time model Bruno Di Angelis is the exceptional subject.

Favorite Birthday Boy for March 19th Michael Bergin

Beautiful model and actor Michael Bergin turns 40 today.

Michael by the talented John Falocco.

Birthday Boy #2 for March 19th

Love me some Bruce Willis. I still love to watch Die Hard at least once a year. Bruce turns 54 today.

Below: Bruce in 'The Color Of Night'

Pic Series of the Day: Parker's Polaroids

As many of you might have noticed lately, I have a little crush on Parker Gregory. I have posted several posts on him the past month or two. One of his lastest shoots was with the talented photographer Jeremy Kost. I love Jeremy's work with polaroid film. There is something about polaroid pics that brings back memories of my teens as, I am sure like many of you, polaroid camera's were the only way to take 'naughty' pics of yourself or your partner. I remember keeping some polaroid shots under my mattress. Polariod is gone the way of VCR's and cassette tapes with digital cameras taking over. But oh the memories. Check out more of Jeremy's work HERE:

Had to add this additonal pick from Parker in the Armani Exchange I have posted about before. Here is Parker, again with Rianne ten Haken and Kerry Degman from the ad campaign titled 'Daytripper' photographed by Tom Munro. This time Kerry shows a bit of skin.