Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Favorite Pic of the Day for January 13th

I am pretty sure I posted this pic before, but it is so great, who cares.

Favorite Birthday Boys for January 13th

Favorite Birthday Boys for January 13th

I really like actor Julian Morris who turns 26 today. (See my previous post on Julian).

Singer and actor Brad Hawkins turns 33 today.

Anyone else have a major crush on Keith Coogan in the 80's? I certainly did. Not only cute as anything, but greatly talented, and should be working more! Check out Keith's myspace page HERE:

Keith, love the two shots below, so 80's, but I would have fired your publicist...

Below: Keith in 'Adventures in Babysitting'

Below: Keith in 'Toy Soldiers'

Below: Keith in 'Book of Love' with Chris Young.

Also celebrating today January 13th

Happy Birthday Also to:

Victor Pecoraro, a model and actor from Brazil turns 31 today.

Orlando Bloom turns 32 today.

Spanish actor Enrique Alcides turns 34 today.

Patrick Dempsey turns 43 today.

Actor Kevin Anderson turns 49 today.

Favorite Model of the Day: Konstantin Resch

A while ago I posted a pic in the pic of the day section (last pic shown below) and was instantly on the hunt to find out more about the model and the photographer. The model turns out to be 21 year old German model Konstantin Resch. Konstantin who works with Place Models is a new model just beginning to get his face out there. I am sure you will agree his face, and body are amazing. The photographer was Sam Scott Schiavo and I included some of his pics of Konstantin below. You can check out more of Konstantin at Place Models found HERE:

height: 187cm
chest: 98cm
waist: 78cm
hips: 96cm
shoe: 43
suit: 98
eyes: green
hair: dark blonde

Some of my favorite pics of Konstantin were taken by photographer Sam Scott Schiavo who is quickly becoming one of my favorite photographers. Love his work! Check out Sam's official site HERE:

The pic above is what got me looking for more on Konstantin.

Reality Hunk of the Day: Mike Dutz

Sometimes leaving the Big Brother house early is a blessing. Often those who leave in the first few weeks leave with more respect than those who remain in til the bitter end. Mike Dutz was a painter, doing a bit of modeling on the side when he entered Big Brother 8. Mike was one of my favorites that season, and although many complained how quiet he was, in a season full of loud mouths he was a nice change. Mike made no big moves, but seemed like a stand up guy. It did not hurt he spent much of his few weeks in the house shirtless, working out and hanging out by the pool. Check out Mikes Myspace HERE:

Though Mike was only in the Big Brother house a few short weeks, he certainly left an impression in many people minds competing in his boxer briefs in the strongman competition.