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Favorite Pic of the Day for December 24th

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Ten / Ten / Ten

12 years ago, in December of 2009, I featured Sean McNeil's Playgirl holiday spread. (HERE:) I posted Sean's images, ten years after it first graced the page of Playgirl in December of 1999. Ten years after that post, and twenty years since the shoot, I dove back into the December 1999 issue to find a few packages still unopened.

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1986: Peter Comes Home

'The Best Part of Waking Up....'

If you grew up in the 80's or 90's, you undoubtedly have seen the famous Folgers ad, Peter Comes Home For Christmas.  The ad hit all the right notes, the importance of family, and being with your loved ones at Christmas.  The ad was so successful, and so popular with viewers, it ran close to 20 years, becoming itself, a part of the holiday season.

On the Brooklyn Bridge by Tom McBride

The actor who played Peter wasn't actually a professional actor at the time, in fact, the Folgers ad was one of Greg Wrangler's first professional roles.  Greg had been modeling, but with that beautiful face, and All American look, he made the perfect Peter.  If you haven't seen the Folgers commercial in awhile, I hope it brings back a nice memory or two.

With the success of the Folgers Christmas ad, Wrangler began working regularly in film and on television.  Greg appeared in a number of soaps, most notably as Traci's (Beth Maitland) husband on the The Young and the Restless.  Greg also appeared in guest shots on The Practice, Babylon 5, Cybill, ER, The West Wing and as a hot fireman on an episode of Friends.

Young & The Restless 

Although I'd seen the Folgers commercial as a kid, it wasn't the ad that inspired this 12 Days post.  Back in October, when beginning my Horror Hunks series, I featured actor Larry Poindexter in Sorceress. (HERE:) When researching the piece, I discovered that Wrangler had the lead in the sequel Sorceress II: The Temptress.

Sadly, unlike Poindexter, the only nudity in the sequel comes from the female cast.  Although Wrangler has appeared in several projects which usually feature male nudity, he's managed to keep his pants on throughout his career.   Fortunately,  his shirt has come off, giving us great views of his beautifully buffed and hairy chest. 

Silk Stalkings (1995)

Sorceress II: The Temptress (1997)

December Boys

Buff Builders

December: The last month, and you're last chance, to finish those promises that you made to yourself at the end of last year...

I used to love turning my wall calendars from November to December. It was meant a winter, snow or holiday image, and the 25 day countdown til Christmas.  Although many have abandoned the practice, I still love buying wall calendars and the rotating artwork they can provide throughout the year.

Coach and Horses Pub Calendar (2017)

The internet has certainly reduced the amount, and the demand, for calendars, especially those featuring the male form.  Although many are still made, they had their hay days in the eighties and nineties.  Today, most of the male skin we see in calendars is exposed for charity with calendars still being a great way for charities and organizations to not only make money, but get much needed attention and promotion.

Charity Calendar For Echoes Foundation 2009

I've featured many images from calendars, both recent and classic.  I especially love the classic calendars and the stories the images tell. Earlier this month, I did a piece featuring DC poster MichaelAndrews73a and his new Reddit page salute to the male form in Calendars. (HERE:) Michael has compiled a huge archive of calendars featuring the male form, and his site is rather addicting!

Ben Harrison Testimonial Naked Calendar 2017

I enjoyed spending time diving through Michael's calendar archives, and especially love the school and charity calendars that include hot, but real men in the buff. I've chosen some of my favorite holiday shots to feature in this piece, but there's plenty more!

2 Wish Upon A Star Willies & Wheels Calendar (2013)

Although most of the calendar's featured are focused on the male form, there are several, lie the The Vermont Prudent Student Calendar, that featured hot students of both sexes.  I think the addition of the female form adds an erotic vulnerability element to the calendar shots.

The Vermont Prudent Student Calendar (2015)

Tree Toppers: Jay & Carl by Frisky Frolic

'It's not what's under the Christmas tree that matters. It's who's around it.'
Charlie Brown

They say that Christmas is about family, yet sometimes family can be.... well, let's leave it at complicated.  Most of us have learned, often through painful experiences, that family has little to do with biology.  Almost every species form can copulate and reproduce, but very few create, and more importantly maintain and nurture, a family.

Carl (l) & Jay (r)

Family are those who surround us with love, support, encouragement and truth.  I have learned through my own experiences, and with those I've encountered in my personal, and especially professional life, that family's must be chosen, and chosen carefully.  Many choose their biological families, the one's they know and grow up with, many others do not.

This Christmas Eve, maybe more than others, it was important for me to feature a family.   Not just a hot naked couple, although they are both hot and naked... But a couple who are joined together in marriage, a two people who have made the commitment of creating family.

'We're are flattered that you think we’re worthy of your Favorite Hunks blog. At 56 and 60 years old, it feels great still be in contention for that title.

Carl and Jay needn't of worried, both personify everything I look for in the men that feature.  Physical beauty being just the beginning. Their confidence and joy with sharing both their love, and their incredible bodies with the camera only adds to their festive appeal.  Images of happily married couples, especially sharing their love, commitment, and sexual desire, are still rare to find, especially around the holidays.

It's still difficult to believe that's still the case, especially with 2020 around the corner.  With recent controversies over lesbian wedding ads, and the current ignoramus in The White House, positive visuals and representations, are even more crucial.  I'm so grate to JayBee (Frisky Frolic) for sending on the shoot.  JayBee's work has been an important part of FH holiday celebrations over seven years, and I'm thrilled to feature his work with Jay and Carl, especially on Christmas Eve.

'Carl and Jay are such a sweet and sexy couple, and best of all, ‘showoffs in love”. I have shot them a few times and a joy for a photographer as they love being naked. They are both great people and great to work with. We will be collaborating on more shoots in the future. I can’t get enough of capturing them running around naked.'

'We were looking at a hot and beautiful picture of a man on a website and had to ask who the photographer was. He gave us JayBee's info. We immediately connected with JayBee’s sweet energy and his professionalism as an artist. You have to trust that person behind the camera to open up and let it out so to speak. We have been able to fully express ourselves because of who JayBee (FriskyFrolic) is

When we decided to shoot around the Christmas tree JayBee already had several ideas. We hadn’t put up our tree yet and he was coming soon. We decided then that the shoot would have to be of us decorating the tree and house. It worked out perfectly. As always he got the spirit of the meaning of Christmas between two married men.'

Favorite Pic of the Day (2) for December 24th

Jeremy by JW Johnson

Angel Boy by JW Johnson

'It came upon the midnight clear
That glorious song of old,
From angels bending near the earth
To touch their harps of gold'

Although he may be more wild than angelic, Kurt certainly looks heavenly in his wings.  Last year, while featuring the photographic porn star, (Comburent) photographer JW Johnson sent on a wide range of images from their many times shooting together.  I chose at the time, to focus on JW's firefighter theme, but tucked away these away for a future festive posting.

Christmas Colors by Rmark Photo

When I was growing up, I had a friend who's family didn't decorate their Tree until Christmas Eve.  His mother was German, and his father from England, but the I think the custom is more traditional than cultural.   This used to be fairly common, especially if there were children in the home.  One of their 'gifts' in the morning was seeing the brightly colored tree, decorated for the first time.

Although my friends family set up their tree, and put on the lights, the week before, the balls and other decorations were not added until the entire family was together.  For them, that could only happen on the night of the 24th.

Last week, I featured Rmark Photo's Ornamentals. (HERE:)  These shots of Dovovan and his Christmas balls, feature the three main Christmas colors, red, green and gold.  I saved them for those still decking their halls and trimming their tree for the big day tomorrow.

Incandescent: Dylan by MW Photo MD

Incandescent: Emitting light as a result of being heated

I love image of the male form lit up with Christmas lights. Although I'm fully aware the colors light from electricity, I like to imagine the incandescence occurs due to the intense body heat generated by the models.  Dylan, who's work with MW Photo MD I first featured this past Halloween, (HERE:) certainly does get the temperature rising with his fierce stare and erotic potency.

Although I only remember having mini lights on our tree, we did still have a few sets of those old colorful Christmas lights in our decoration boxes.  I remember plugging them in, and being surprised at how hot they got.  My father used to paranoid about the lights on the tree, finding it hard to believe they didn't heat up like the older ones.  He was fanatical about ensuring the lights were turned off when no one was in the room.

I don't imagine as many models stripped down for nude shoots wrapping those hot strings of lights around and over their bare skin.  I'm also sure models were not asked to pose with those tree candles they used before electrification.  It's funny to think however, about a model trying to balance those old tree candles for a sizzling hot turn of the century holiday shoot....

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Bobby Vitale

Priority Male: The Best Package Isn't Always Under The Tree!

Bryan Kistler

One look at blond, babeicious, party boy Bryan Kistler and we are ready to re-enroll in college just to b able to sit behind him in human biology class!

Emmanuel Fremin

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Sacha Vermeerbergen

Easy Rider:
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