Monday, August 11, 2008

Favorite Pic of the Day for August 11th

Also celebrating today August 11th Chris Hemsworth

Australian actor Chris Hemsworth, known to many for his role on Home and Away where he was frequently shirtless turns 25 today. Chris is about to be famous in the US as well with his coming role in the new Star Trek movie.

Chris in Home And Away:

Also celebrating today August 11th

Also celebrating today August 11th

Australian Rugby hottie Luke Lewis turns 25 today.

Hard to believe Will Friedle turns 32 today.

Actor Chris Messina turns 34 today.

Actor Joe Rogan, who was on one of tv's best comedies, Newsradio, turns 41 today.

Actor Lawrence Monoson turns 44 today.

Actor Sunil Shetty turns 48 today.

Just Because: Michael Phelps

Just because, Phelps is already up 2 gold medals and on the way to break the record of 8. His wins have been a joy to watch, not only his raw emotion, but also his sportsmen ship. Go Michael!

Favorite Import of the Day: Jamie Davis

English actor Jamie Davis, known to many of you for his role as Harley Lawson on the popular series Footballers Wives. What a shame we never got our own version, but it most likely would have paled with regards to the nudity shown in the UK.