Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Favorite Pic of the Day for September 21st

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Happy Birthday today September 21st

Happy Birthday to The Brewer Twins!

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When I first got on the net, the Brewer Twins were at the top of many who were searching for imags of the male form.  The brothers are still looking mighty fine as they turn (gulp) 49!

Seasonal Sightings:

With Autumn beginning this week, it's sadly time to put a pause on the beach, boating and summer themed seasonal sightings.  Before closing the vault on summer, check out the hot, summertime images I didn't get a chance to post on the next page HERE:

Batter Up!

It's not uncommon for a celebrity to throw out the first pitch at a ball game, big name celebrities to local television reporters and politicians are often called on to generate a little attention and publicity. 

Spectators at the game between Orix and Softbank held at Kyocera Dome in Osaka Japan, got a bit of a surprise when bodybuilder Naotaka Yokokawa took to the mound to throw out the first pitch earlier this week...

As a body builder, Yokokawa is used to being on stage in a tiny pair of briefs, but it was a surprise to many, when he stripped down before throwing out the first pitch at this particular ball game. Yokokawa looked incredible, and in addition to being impressed with his physical form, many were impressed with his pitching skills as well. 

Naotaka Yokokawa on Instagram

Ray of Light: Dipanshu by macpics

दीपांशु  (Dipanshu)
The Sun; imparting light on everyone 
Ray of Light

FH is undoubtedly a site rooted in visual., and although I showcase beautiful images, my goal is always to celebrate the artist and model who created them, So... whenever I write about a model, I strive to showcase the person behind and inside the beautiful body on display.

But.. when Ian from macpics sent on shots from his work with Dipanshu, my focus, my eyes pulled straight Dipanshu's incredible stomach and abs.  The Melbourne based model has Abs for days, and when I could yank my eyes from his legs, they went lower, no... even lower, to his magnificently muscular legs.  After devouring his impressive physique,  I couldn't ignore his handsome face and  beautiful eyes.

Ian discovered the self describe 'fitness freak' on Instagram, and wasted no time in getting in contact about arranging a shoot.  New to modeling, Dipanshu was excited to give it a try, and about the opportunity to have all the hard work at the gym captured by a professional.  Like so many who are passionate about their body and heath , Dipanshu regularly takes selfies, to chronical his fitness progress.  Working with Ian was a great opportunity to show off that  progress in front of lens of another set of eyes.

What first struck you about Dipanshu's look?
His body. Duh!  He also bears a fair resemblance to Luke, another model I really enjoyed shooting and who you previous posted about on FH

Was there much discussion prior to shooting?
There really wasn't much discussion. It was quick and simple. He was keen to pose for me, so we just discussed the sort of poses we'd do and organised the when and where. 

Any boundaries for the shoot?
This was one of Dipanshu's first real photo shoots, it may have even been his first.  He didn't really have any boundaries when it came to theme and poses. Given this was all so new to him, he did feel that he was not ready, and a little too shy for nude shots.

What was Dipanshu like to work with?
He was great, really nice to work with. He'd had little experience, but he was happy to follow direction and take all of my suggestions. He was also a good audience for my jokes, so that made things easy and relaxed. 

Favorite part of the shoot?
I don't think I had a specific favourite part, the entire shoot was enjoyable. 

Did he mention how long it took to get those abs?
He didn't say anything specific about his routine, but did share that he only began working out 4 years ago.