Thursday, September 24, 2009

Favorite Pic of the Day for September 24th

Model Chris Farrell for element denim. Chris shows the proper way to wear a belt!

Happy Birthday today September 24th

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Nick Adams Update:

Have you checked out Nick Adams blog lately? Nick has had a busy summer since 'Guys and Dolls' closed. Besides his many live performances, Nick posted a few days ago he began work on 'Sex And The City 2'.

Not sure if he has a speaking role or if he is dancing but I will keeping my eye on his blog to find out. I guess it would be too much to hope they might stick Nick in the shower as they did in the first one with Gilles Marini... ;)

The two beautiful images of Nick by Ronnie Nelson.

Kudo's to Courtney Cox Arquette

After hearing so many people on tv and in print tell me I HAD to check out ABC's 'Modern Family' me, being the guy who still in his thirties sucums to peer pressure and I must say I enjoyed it.

Above: Cox Arquette with Busy Philips.

What I did not predict was that when the show ended and I turned the volume down 'Cougar Town' with Courtney Cox Arquette was beginning. I began to work on some shit for work when I found myself watching, then turning up the volume then howling with laughter at some of the lines. Great great show with lots of laughs.

I posted before HERE: about how I thought Courtney never got the attention she deserved on 'Friends'. In the last half of the series run most of the other characters had 'jumped the shark' but Monica, and Courtney continued to grow and provided some of the shows best moments. Now you know I still wail from time to time for the return of Lisa Kudrow's 'The Comeback', but 'Cougar Town' has the potential to be the second best post Friends project. Aniston and Perry can continue to make lousy movies, but Kudrow and Cox make great tv!

Favorite Site Of The Day: Joshua Stevenson Land

First three shots by Michael Horta.

“From my very first shoot, I connected with the camera in a way I never dreamed I would have. I remember getting to the studio and the photographer, Brian McCloskey say, “Work the table”. Time seemed to Freeze and it was only me, the camera, and that table in the room. It all came so naturally to me, I felt like I had been working in this business for my entire life. Since that moment, I knew I was meant to this for the rest of my life. I knew where I finally belonged and I have not looked back since.”
Joshua Stevenson

Many of you might have seen Martin Ryter's shots of model and actor Joshua Stevenson which made the rounds of many blogs and forums a few months ago. There was something about Joshua that jumped out and he quickly began to gain a following.

Joshua has launched his own website and it is one worth checking out. Besides more of his amazing portfolio, you get to know a bit more about this great guy. The icing on the cake is the video section which showcases not only Joshua the model, but also Joshua the actor. I love that is favorite childhood book is 'Where The Red Fern Grows'. That book had a big impact on my childhood as well. Instead of just cutting and pasting, I encourage you to read the 'about me' section. Joshua is on his way both as a model and as an actor and already proven to be loyal to his fans who I know will be following his career closely. Good Luke Joshua! Check out Joshua Stevenson Land HERE:

Next 4 shots by the great Martin Ryter. Martin was one of the first photographers who caught my eye when I finally joined the Internet world. The first 'group' I joined was Martin's yahoo group and thank him for sending out the most amazing images each week. Martin also directs some great videos on Joshua's site.Check out more of Martin's work at his official site HERE:

Beautiful on the inside as well.
Joshua at the American Cancer Society (Relay for Life)in Los Angeles.

A Bit More Dave Wilkinson by Dan Skinner

With apologies to photographer Dan Skinner I simply had to post some more of your work with Dave Wilkinson. As I was going through my 'next day' folder this morning I could not bring myself to delete these great shots without sharing just a few more of my favorites. Thanks again Dan and Dave!!!