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Favorite Pic of the Day for November 11th

Christian by macpics
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Mr. January

When I first began FH I wasn't really that familiar with many of the men I've gone to feature.  I knew a few models and photographers and a few favorite Playgirl centerfolds, but that's as far as my knowledge base went. Except for seeing a few calendars, I certainly didn't know the names of any of the men of Chippendales.  Back in 2018, I spent a couple of weeks researching, and hunting for images for a two page tribute to the famous male strippers. (HERE:)  It ended up being one of my favorite pieces to research.  

As popular as the Chippendales were, it was difficult to find images for the piece.  By the time we all had the internet, the group was mostly off people's radar.  I enjoyed learning about the group, and especially some of the individual dancers. One of my favorites was model and performer John Gibson. When I first featured John, (HERE:) I used the image below.  I didn't know at the time, it was the January image for a stripper themed 1981 Playgirl calendar.  If you want to see some of the other months of the year, check out the NEXT PAGE HERE:

Oddgeir Thune in Beforeigners

Flashes of light appear in the sea, and people from the past emerge in the present; the so-called "beforeigners" struggle to integrate into modern society.

HBO Nordic's first original series from Norway, Beforeigners is about two persons who mysteriously appear in Oslo. They are the first of many from the past to seek refuge in present time. Seven years later the community is transformed.  In the series, Norwegian actor and screenwriter Oddgeir Thune plays Navn Ukjent. (literally: Name Unknown) 

Although the series premiered back in 2019, and many of you have already seen these caps, it did seem a good time to post. The series is debuting new episodes this December on HBO Max, so it's a good time to get caught up on what you missed.  Beforeigners holds the distinction of being the first Norwegian-language series produced by HBO Europe.

Thune was naked several times in the 2019 episodes, and there were no camera or lighting tricks to hide or camouflage his beautiful body.  Thune was trained at the Statens teaterhøgskole,  (Norwegian National Academy of Theatre) and has appeared in numerous film and television productions.  In addition to acting, the multi-faceted  Thune is also a trained radiologist, and before turning to the theatre worked at Rikshospitalet , The Oslo University Hospital.

The Erection Inception: Christian by macpics

'Christian's erection was most certainly spontaneous and quite a surprise!'
Ian, macpics

I don't often feature images of models with erections.  My reasons are varied, and I've written extensively about it in past stories and posts.  My favorite images generally focus on the male form as whole and I'm not generally drawn to images that focus on one body part.  Hard-ons understandably, pull focus and often, the feel of the image is more of a man attached to a penis rather than a penis attached to a man.  

Many of my favorite photographers though, have captured incredible shots of men fully torqued.  .  Sometimes of course, the ascent is all part of the plan and was discussed before the shoot began. More often than not though, photographers have shared that the upsurge was totally spontaneous and in the moment.  I enjoy hearing the stories about what stimulated the rise, and the model and photographers reaction.  

Some photographers don't actually want to capture full erection shots.  These artists usually call at time-out and give the model some time to do what needs to be done before getting back to work.  As deflating as this might sound, boners don't always equate with the theme being shot.  Sometimes however, the spontaneous erection, although not expected, is a welcomed surprise.  These shots of Christian were taken early on in Ian's (macpics) photographic journey.  It was the first time Ian experienced an erection, well, the first one with his camera in his hands...

How did you first connect with Christian? 
I saw him at a monthly event called Mandance. I think he was just leaving as I arrived. I'd never seen him before and doubted that I would again, so I took the plunge. I introduced myself and asked him if he'd like to pose. 

What first struck you about his appearance? 
His looks and his figure. Who doesn't love a blue-eyed, shapely blonde? lol! 

How did you bring up posing nude? 
I don't remember if I broached the subject immediately, or later when we arranged the shoot. 

What was his reaction? 
He was fine with it, as most of the guys I shot in Germany were.. 

Was he comfortable right away with shooting nude? 
He certainly seemed to be comfortable from the start, although his manner in general was a bit reserved

Do you remember if there was any talk/ chatter? 
I really don't remember anything specific. There was probably just some general chit-chat and presumably I made my usual jokes. 

How much do you discuss the shoot before hand? 
I give the model a general idea of what I want to do and ask the model what he's up for and what not.  I like test the waters, push, but respect a model's boundaries.

Where did the shoot take place? 
Some of the shots were taken at his flat and some at mine.

I'm guessing the dog was Christians?  
Yes, it was his dog. I don't remember how the dog got involved, but it was a spontaneous idea. 

Speaking of deliberate, was Christian's erection planned?
No, not at all. Christian's erection was most certainly spontaneous and quite a surprise! He was the first model I'd shot who got erect. As inexperienced as I was back then, it never occurred to me that anyone but an adult performer would get erect in front of the camera. That was the second shoot, so obviously he'd grown completely comfortable. 

Did you get any feedback from Christian after he saw the final images? 
He was pleased as far as I can remember. I guess he wouldn't have agreed to the second shoot if he hadn't been! lol! 

What was your favorite moment from your time working with Christian? 
I don't know about a favourite moment, but the most memorable moment was when I realised that he was erect, and just kept on posing :)