Saturday, June 5, 2010

The White Towel: By Hans Fahrmeyer

-Sunday With Hans-
-The White Towel-

It makes sense that this week Photographer Hans Fahrmeyer's theme is 'The White Towel'. The last two 'Sundays With Hans' featured water and wet men. I guess it is now time to dry off. With the towel being the theme of each shot it is clear how much lighting plays a role in Hans work. Again be sure to check out Hans official site HERE: and his Video Channel on Daily Motion HERE:. Thanks to Hans Fahrmeyer again for sharing his incredible work with FH.

Favorite Pic of the Day for June 5th

Above: Nick London by Rickspix. (See more below)

Happy Birthday today June 5th to:

Happy Birthday today June 5th to:

Tennis star Nicolas Kiefer turns 33 today.

Thomas Lombard turns 35 today.

Chad Allen turns 36 today.

Marcus Patrick turns 36 today.

Mark Wahlberg turns 39 today.

Christian Boeving turns 41 today.

Just Because:

As Seth Myers would say 'Really? Really? Really, the only thing noteworthy about this story is that in 2010 suspicion of possessing less than two ounces of marijuana is actually something we are still spending money dealing with.... I should however have suspected given the design on Chance's shorts I had not noticed before... ;)

Adam Killian by Dylan Rosser

While in Palm Beach recently Dylan Rosser had the opportunity to shoot Adam Killian at the famous White Party weekend. Dylan says that with all the studio work he does it was great to do some work outsides, especially at his Palm Springs location. Also if your interested in Dylan's Model Search Competition hurry over to THE MALE FORM as the context ends on Monday.

Pic Series Of The Day: Nick London by Rickspix

The Model: Nick London
20 Year Nick London is signed with an agency in London but is looking for representation in the States. Nick is based in California but loves to travel for work. Nick is committed to the profession and works hard keep in shape. Nick competes in Mixed Martial Arts. The results are not just physical, but as well the discipline required pays off in other areas of his life as well.

Besides being in great shape I love Nick's face. Nick has great lips and his facial features create a strong face which looks great in front of the camera.

Nick London

Height: 6' 0"
Weight: 185 lbs
Chest: 40
Waist: 32
Shoe: 12
Hair color: Blonde
Hair length: Short
Eye color: Blue
Skin color: Tanned
Experience: Experienced

The Photographer: Rickspix
Da Vinci, Donatello, Michelangelo, or Caravaggio to the more modern day photography icons, Weber, Mapplethorp, Gorman, and Ritts are all known for their work with the male form. Although Rick Mariani from Rickspix does not put himself on the same level or in the esteemed presence of the above-mentioned artists, they are his inspirations and he aspires to their ideals and their passions.

Rick says:

'The interplay of light, composition, and of course the structure and allure of the model are the key elements of any image I attempt to producee'

You can see the skillful use of these techniques in Rick's work with Nick, the use of composition in particular. Rick says that he and Nick only had a few days to shoot as Nick is in the military and was leaving for active duty. Rick says, 'Nick was a joy to work with and he really got into it. I hope to shoot again someday when he returns to California.'

I was really struck when Rick told me that he photographs the male form for sanity. Rick has been a professional photographer for years, but after spending many of those years shooting products for client, agencies and magazines he needed another way to keep his interest in the medium alive. I think this sentiment is one of the reasons I do this blog. My work certainly is a passion, but I work long hours in an extremely stressful environment It is nice to spend a few moments each day channeling my passion in a more enjoyable way. I would guess the need to maintain sanity is why many readers of FH pop in each day. You can check out Rickspix on ModelMayhem HERE: Thanks so much Rick!

More Nick London:

Above: Nick By Joseph Bleu.

Nick has a great look that is able to transform depending on whose lens he is in front of. Here are some more of my favorite shots.

Below: Nick by Mark Henderson.

Below: Nick by Ev Dylan.

Below: Nick by Rick Day: