Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Tell Me Your Vision.... Shawn by Marlen Boro

I have teased shots of Shawn as 'pic of the day' the last two Thursdays while on blog vacation. Ever since I started showcasing the work of Marlen Boro, Shawn has been on my radar. Marlen of course, more in touch with his art, his focus, much more than I and was in no particular hurry to have his shots of Shawn on FH.

It wasn't that Marlen was not wanting Shawn profiled, he was. Marlen enjoyed working with Shawn and was happy with the results. It is just that Marlen, like any great parent has difficulty favoring one model, one shoot more than another.

Marlen's philosophy on photography is one I don't always see, and is one that is very refreshing. Marlen, recently interviewed on SavvyLiving with Marcinho Savant, talked about seeing his work more parallelled to that of a wedding photographer than a fashion photographer. Fashion photographers most often must use the model to fit the vision of the those representing the product. Wedding photographer's see their goal as to fulfill the vision, the dreams of the models they shoot.

That is Marlen's goal and the focus on Male Boudoir. Shawn's focus was to create great photos that show muscle tone and body figure. Shawn is an model and actor and it is important his shots can be utilized for both portfolios. Shawn is moving to LA at the end of the month to pursue his acting goals so keep your eye out for him on screen in the future!

"Shawn and I have worked together over the last few years - always a pleasure and a total professional. It's awesome that he's pursuing his dreams and I can't wait to see him succeed!"

Marlen Boro
Shawn MN on Model Mayhem:

Morning Coffee: Shawn by Marlen Boro

Morning Coffee

As I sit here
sipping my coffee.
You're still
here with me, but
only in memory.

The thing
I find so hard
is the need
in wanting to
hold you.

But I know I can't.

I have to remind
myself that
you're gone.

And that I must
accept in-order
to move on

The first thing
on my mind as I wake
is the memory
of you, which I
find so difficult
to take.

Another year gone
and I'm still
living with the pain.

Knowing how much
my life has changed
and without
you here, it doesn't
feel the same.

I've no more tears to cry.

Yet my heart
still weeps inside.

The pain
of losing you
becomes so unbearable
sometimes, I wish
the ground would
open up and I'd fall inside.

I know I've
got to be strong.

So that the memory
of you can
continue to live on

But, when I
think of the tears
I've cried
and how much
my heart misses
you inside.

I struggle, but still
manage to raise a smile

If I could wish
for anything, It would
be to have
you here with me.

But I know
that'll never happen
and that's what destroys me.

I only have the memory
of you to keep me company.

As I sit here without you.

Sipping my coffee

Poetry thanks to London Love Poems.

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