Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Favorite Pic of the Day for November 14th

A little Freedom from Brenton Parry
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Favorite Birthday Boys for November 14th

I have been re watching some old Seinfeld episodes and am crushing over the talented Patrick Warburton. Although I have never watched Rules Of Engagement (has anyone really...) Patrick remains extremely hot, lovable and incredibly talented today as he turns 48.

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Dragonard (1987)

Above: Seinfeld

Above: Rules Of Engagement

Kudos to Angelo Carusone

'Trump’s brand is consequence-free bullying'
Angelo Carusone

I have always found Trump a bully, using attacks and insults to belittle those who disagree with him, or get in his way. Kudos for Fire Trump From Macy's petition organizer Angelo Carusone for putting it eloquently. With the current focus on bullying, it is outrageous that Trump is still glorified for his disgusting treatment of others.

Freedom Is Coming!

Most things on the Internet have their ups and downs. Facebook is up (is it still?), Myspace is down. I still remember when I first got the net being addicted to AIM and mIRC... Same goes the world of most sites and blogs. Favorite Hunks started out with a small devoted readership, then somewhere between year two and three spiked to a whopping number of daily hits that even shocked me. Slowly over year four and five, the number diminished slowly but surely, but this past year has stabilized maintaining an impressive number of daily visitors.

I understand this, things change. I know in some ways FH, and blogs in general, (especially now with tumblr) are already a little old school. I am OK with this. There are sites I used to visit daily, that I only go to once a month or so, some not at all. There are a few however, that still require a visit every day or two. Brenton Parry's Aussielicious continues to be a place I love to return to. I have written before how Brenton and his blog were one of the inspirations for how FH evolved. Brenton combines hot men, (of course) along with stories from the media, his photography and best of all aspects of his life. All are blended together to create a welcoming, in both appearance and in heart, place to drop by.

Freedom Trailer from Brenton Parry on Vimeo.

Brenton is now in the process of getting ready for his second exhibit scheduled to coincide with the Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras festival in the second half of February 2013. His first, Shrouded, focused on some of the hang-ups and shame that he, and all of us, sometimes struggle with when feeling not quite good enough. Brenton describes Freedom as more positive and hopeful! Check out the incredible preview video above to give you a taste of what of whats to come!


'Harry likes to be naked all the time'
One Direction's Louis

Yes, I know, sort of the antithesis of birthday boy Patrick Warburton but there is something...about Harry Styles!

I have never had Bieber fever, nor really been a fan of boy bands. My taste in men has historically been for guys a little older than myself. I have paid little attention to the onslaught of One Direction, yes, of course, like most of you, caught myself singing one of their songs in the car, but their appeal, until this week, never really latched itself upon me.


How can you not LOVE Harry! That hair, that face, that grin. With two days, and a half a dozen performances on The Today Show I am officially harried! I know there are four others in the group, and maybe some of them can even sing better, but for this week I am going to be a 16 year old screaming girl, Tiger Beat Magazine firmly in hand, swooning away! Anyone care to join me, if only for a day or two?

Not sure if these are real, but supposedly at one time twittered by Harry.