Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Favorite Male Model for Nov 28th Guy Robinson

Hottie Guy Robinson, originally from Cornwall, Robinson is pursuing a BA in Spanish and Portuguese and hopes eventually to pursue a career as a Broadcast Journalist. Other hobbies include writing and surfing.

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More Guy HERE:

Favorite Vampire Movie Star: Jason Patric in The Lost Boys

One of my favorite Vampire movies, or movies in general was the 1987 film The Lost Boys. Not only was it a great watch, well written and well acted, it's star Jason Patric was sexy as hell. This was one of Jason's first movies and the brief shirtless scene made me a fan for life.

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Favorite Pic of the Day: November 28th

Wish I had made this game...

Alexander Popov Redux

Had to post some more pics of my favorite swimmer, the sinfully hot Alexander (Aleksandr) Popov. See previous Alexander post HERE:

Buy the Man a Belt!

Just Jared has yet another pic of Zach hanging low.

Favorite Birthday Boys for November 28th

Alan Ritchson turns 25 today.
See my previous post with tons of pics of Alan HERE:

Judd Nelson turns 48 today.

Sorry, but I have always had a thing for Ed Harris, my ideal older man. So hot. Ed turns 57 today.

Blast from The Past for Nov 28th William Katt

I used to have the biggest crush on William Katt, with that cute face and body, the curly blonde hair. William should be a huge star, great actor, great singer. Though in many movies, Katt never got the big break he needed. He has done it all, tv, movies, stage and is still working today.