Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Favorite Pic of the Day for today August 11th

Look for Chris Teel's return to FH later this week!

Happy Birthday today August 11th to:

Happy Birthday to Chris Hemsworth who turns 28 today!

Check out more of Chris along with Joe Rogan, Will Friedle & Chris Messina HERE:

The Gentlemen of Marlen Boro

Just a tease of another one of the many men joining FH this fall in The Gentlemen of Marlen Boro!


Kudos to Gloria Steinem

I must apologize, I really should know who Gloria Steinem is. I mean I know who she is but other than a leader in the women's movement I never really felt pulled to learn more. This week, with some of the media coverage of Newsweek's latest cover, her quotes were brought into many stories that I read.

I spent some time researching her yesterday, watching you tube videos and even watching her on The Joy Behar Show (a show I usually avoid...glasses Joy...obvious much!). She was so well spoken, intelligent and classy on Behar's show I can't wait to dive into her books and more of her interviews. Crass seems all the rage in media these days and it was so refreshing to see someone present with so much grace.

Regarding Harrison....

I am not sure anyone (even those who claim otherwise) like growing old. Yeah I can tell there must be advantages, financial stability (for some...) and the standard wisdom. But really it basically sucks. There is however something quite incredible about watching someone age, not just gracefully, but respectfully. Although I am just in my thirties, my mind often wonders what I will be like when I am older and although it is silly I have succumbed to advertiser pressure and tried a few of those products promising to rid me of my under eye circles (circles I have had since I was 12) and have been trying to exercise a bit more than I really need to, in the hopes of warding off what natural changes are to come.

Harrison Ford is aging quite beautifully but hasn't seemed to really embrace these natural changes just yet. Although many of his contemporaries, Redford and Eastwood, still have younger leading ladies and faces pulled back just short of being an honorary 'Real Housewive', they and others have moved on to roles which match their age. Now I don't believe in ageism, but I do believe in age realism. Watching Harrison trying to keep up with Daniel Craig in Cowboys And Aliens is sort of depressing. Talk of another Indiana Jones is just frightening. I get the younger wive and young child may make you feel younger but to me, almost everything Ford is doing to feel and look younger is just making him...well pretty old. Obi Wan your our only hope!