Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Favorite Pic of the Day for April 19th

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Seasonal Sightings:

Treasure Trove: Oliveé by Rob Colgan

'Once used as a repair shop for train cars, the huge building offered many terrific options. From cool cabooses to huge cranes, it was a treasure trove of backgrounds.'

I love exploring artist Rob Colgan and his series of industrial nudes.  As stunning as the models may be, it's the blend of the nude male form with the location which generates the unique visual power of Rob's imagery.  I love seeing, and then learning, more about the locations Rob finds, and the way the model in focus responds to the abandoned and derelict spaces within the short-term studio. 

Rob shares his images, and the stories behind them, on his blog and I frequently drop by to check out his latest adventures.  On a recent visit, there were several new posts that I wanted to feature, one my favorites, featuring the stunning Oliveé.  Oliveé arrived for his shoot after a long and stressful flight but despite this, he was eager and ready to begin shooting and creating. 

'Unfortunately the shoot was hampered by cold rainy weather. But we remained undaunted. A new location was utilized and it’s immense size gave us lots of protection from the elements. The second abandoned factory we explored was even more severe in its ruination, but Oliveé remained persistent!

I can truly say that Oliveé helped brighten an otherwise stormy and gloomy North Coast weekend.  It was wonderful to see how easily he adapted to the various areas. Even more thrilling to me was the effect the weather had on our work. The lighting was a dramatic visual feast!'

You can check out more of Rob's work with Oliveé, as well as many other or Rob's recent work on his site HERE:

Fresh Cut: Young Mazino

I'd never heard or seen actor Young Mazino before starting Beef last weekend, but it made a quck, and libidinous impression.  I had no idea what Netflix's Beef was about, I'm not sure anyone did before checking it out, but the first few intense minutes, instantly draw you in.

I've always been a fan of comedian Ali Wong. Even when she was horribly wasted on American Housewife, her second breakfast scenes were a highlight.  It was Wong that had me wanting to check out Beef.  In the series, Mazino plays Paul, the younger brother of Danny. (Steven Yeun)  We get a quick view of Mazino's incredible body early in the season, but a few episodes later, we get a spectacular shot of his absolutely perfect posterior. 

Mazino originally trained as a musician, but always had an interest in acting.  Throughout his young adulthood, including when in college, he dabbled in both film and theatre projects.  In 2014, he decided to pursue acting seriously and moved to New York.  After a few roles in student films and indie shorts, he attended the Stella Adler studio of Acting, spending a year focusing on his craft.

Behind the Scenes

A close shave...

Retro Beef: Geoffrey Scott

I've written a few times recently about how old re-runs of the original Dynasty have been airing on one of my local television channels.   I didn't really want to start watching, but given it's on in the late afternoon, I've found myself tuning in while I'm preparing dinner.

The show is currently on season 3 and most of it is brand new to me.  Season 3 marked the arrival of Gordon Thompson, Jack Coleman and the studly Geoffrey Scott.  Although not a fan of Thompson, or his character, it's been interesting to see the new Steven, (Coleman) arrive and watching Mark, (Scott) in his white tennis shorts.  As hot as Scott looks shirtless, it's those legs that are really causing me to look up from the stove while I'm cooking dinner. 

Battle of the Network Stars

Scott made two appearance on ABC's Battle of the Network Stars in 1983.  Although he donned a speedo, I couldn't find many really great shots.  I'll keep looking, I'm sure both episodes are available on Youtube. 

Dynasty was the actors main claim to fame and although he only appeared in two seasons of the Prime-Time soap, they producers made the most of it.  Every time Scott is on screen he seems to be showing a little skin, both shirtless, and often in those tight white tennis shorts.  When I was searching for more about the actor, I was saddened to read he died in 2021, one day after his 79th birthday after a battle with Parkinson's disease.