Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Favorite Pic of the Day for January 12th

Above: Lyle

Although today's posts are for January 12th, I am sitting here, as I usually do, the night before uploading my posts for the next day.

I felt it important to mark today, the 11th, with a shot by Marlen Boro. It was on January 11th of last year that I posted my first (Dominic, which continues to remain a favorite) story featuring the work of photographer Marlen Boro.

Over the past 12 months, Marlen has become more than a contributor but a friend. The friendship has not been without a bump or two (putting together a model contest will test any relationship....). Marlen likes to push my limits creatively and believe me, although he has opened up much of his image vault for myself, FH and it's viewers, with 50 posts and hundreds of images later I have barely skimmed the surface of all the incredible work Marlen has to offer.

On to 2012!

Happy Birthday today January 12th to:

He sported the mullet long before before Billy Ray, actor Tommy Puett turns 41 today!

Check out other birthday boys for today; Kieron Richardson, Olivier Martinez and Anthony Andrews HERE: And Tommy along with Will Rothhaar, Andrew Lawrence, Ryan McGoldrick and Sid Owen HERE:

Kudos to Edina and Patsy

I was a little worried when I found out Absolutely Fabulous coming back again. I only discovered the series through DVD and was laughing my ass off at Jennifer Saunders and company long after the series went off the air. (back in the day it was the perfect show to watch high)

With a good, but not great, Christmas episode, the New Year's show was back to the high level of hilarity viewers have come to expect from the writing and the cast. Speaking of the cast, they all look amazing espcially given the show went off the air in 2004. Some, like Julia Sawalha, actually look younger! Keep em coming Jennifer!

Downton Abbey's: Dan Stevens

Now I know depending on where you live (or your downloading skills) many of you have long ago seen season 2 of Downton Abbey. Although I could easily download or buy the DVD I decided I wanted to watch the show as I did season 1, during it's broadcast on PBS. It was wonderful to return to the lives of The Grantham's and Crawley's (and all who work with and for them). It was also great to be enveloped again in the shows incredible score.

Below: With Downton Abbey co-star Michelle Dockery

Dan Steven's Matthew Crawley is certainly a favorite from the series. Steven's began acting with the National Youth Theatre in London and was a member of the Footlights while studying at Emmanuel College, Cambridge. Steven's first major role to gain attention was in 2006 in the mini-series 'Line Of Beauty'. He followed this up with various stage, television and film roles, mostly based out of the UK. Steven's is about to get more international attention when he co-stars along side Alicia Silverstone, who reunites with her Clueless director Amy Heckerling, in the soon to be released Vamps.

In The Line Of Beauty (2006)

Dan in Hilde (2009)

and Just Because... The Blind Lieutenant

Lachlan Nieboer
Lieutenant Edward Courtenay, Downton Abbey

Like in the first season, in the episode one of the second season Downton Abbey again introduced a character I was instantly drawn to. In the first season, the show quickly had us lusting over Kemal Pamuk, (Theo James) only to quickly kill him. Season two began with the introduction of Lieutenant Edward Courtenay who I, along with Thomas and I am sure, many of you lusted over. Sadly again, the show chose to off him prior to the closing credits.

One of the things I love about Downton Abbey is that story moves quickly and characters go through changes in each episode. That being said, Thomas's infatuation with the blind soldier would have made a wonderful story to have been able to follow for the course of the season. Although Lieutenant Courtenay is gone, my love of actor Lachlan Nieboer has only just begun!

Below: With Rupert Grint in Into The White

Below: Lachlan as John Barrowman's brother Gray on Torchwood at a Hub Convention.

John Barrowman says it best!

Boys Life 6
Heartland (2007)