Saturday, December 18, 2010

Favorite Pic of the Day for December 18th

Beautiful shot of James by Mark Grantham.
See more of Mark's work below.


Photo by Hans Fahrmeyer.

It was a slow death, but DADT is taking it's last breaths of air.

Happy Birthday today December 18th to:

Happy Birthday today December 18th

Model Levy Christiano turns 25 today.

Casper Van Dien turns 42 today.

Actor Shawn Christian turns 45 today.

Brad Pitt turns 47 today.

One of my favorite Brad Pitt movies rarely get mentioned when his acting is discussed. I really loved '12 Monkey's' and thought Brad's performance was great. It was one of the first projects that had me looking beyond his looks and looking at his acting talents.

The great actor Ray Liotta turns 56 today.

Thanks to a great Ray site, RAYVOLUTION found HERE:

Model Search 2011

Have you voted yet?

I know models and their supporters have been voting but FH gets thousands of hits a day so if you are one of those readers who has yet to vote in MODEL SEARCH 2011 why not take a second or two today to cast a vote!

Here are some great new shots of model Abery Nettles by Noire3000.

Check out more of Abery on ModelMayhem HERE:

Don't worry, each of the top 10 will be featured individually over the next 3 weeks!

All I Want For Christmas...

Well Christmas is exactly one week away. If you are one of those late shoppers (like me) here are a few gift suggestions that just might do the trick. I have posted about most of the products before and own each of the (although still awaiting Lust to arrive) so can recommend them from first hand knowledge. Some are available on Amazon so would actually make it to you on time.


Above: Lust by Ev Dylan
Check out my post on Lust HERE: and order your own copy HERE:

Above: Erotic Dreams by David Vance
You can order the book and calendar from Amazon HERE:
David Vance on FH:

Above: RED by Dylan Rosser
Buy RED on Amazon

Above: Pioneers by Rick Day (including my favorite shot and favorite model from Pioneers Cameron Bailey).
Pioneers on Amazon:
Pioneers on FH

Above: The Mark Grantham collection: Check them all out HERE:
Mark Grantham on FH:

Finding the right calendar can be a difficult task but here are three of my favorites:

Above: Leather & Lace by by Thomas Synnamon
You can order the calendar HERE: and check out my post about it HERE:

Above: Boys of Summer by Byron Motley
Order the calendar HERE: and check out my post HERE:

Above: Warwick Rowing Team by Barnsbury Studio
Check out the previous post HERE: and order your own copy HERE:
(Note: The shot above is actually from the 2010 edition, but it is a favorite shot of mine and was my screen saver for awhile).


Many of you remember I tried my best to save last seasons Accidentally on Purpose on CBS. Unfortunately the show only last one season (damn you CBS) but that season is out on DVD. Not only is their plenty of skin (thanks to Jon Foster & company) there are also plenty of laughs. I miss the cast, especially Lennon Parham and Nicolas Wright who were stand outs. I also want to thank the cast and especially series creator Claudia Lonow for being so great to FH, including sending on the shot below last Christmas just for FH. You can buy the complete series on Amazon HERE:

Above: Ashley Jensen, Pooch Hall, Lennon Parham
Jenna Elfman, Jon Foster, Nicolas Wright.

The Spirit Of Giving: Mark Grantham

Photographer Mark Grantham caught the holiday spirit with these humorous holiday themed shots. Mark says although this is not his regular type of work he believes we've got to laugh at ourselves and our art some times too! Mark has been one of many artists who has been generous over the past 12 months sharing with FH. Thank you so much Mark!

Speaking of giving, if your looking for one more way to give over the holiday season how about a donation to AIDS/LifeCycle to help Mark with his 2011 ride.

'When I first did the ride (California AIDS Ride 8, in 2001) I walked into in blindly. I had no idea what I was in for as far as training, fundraising, life on the road - any of it really. In fact I had to buy a bike to participate that first year. But, I was in my early 40's and figured I'd better do it while I was able.'

This year marks the 10th anniversary of AIDS/LifeCycle and is also Mark's 10th year in the race. Every couple of years Mark takes 6 months off and train to bike 545 miles from San Francisco to Los Angeles in the AIDS LifeCycle. If you want or can help him on his 2011 journey please find out more about Mark and the ride at Mark's page at AIDS/Cycle HERE: