Monday, May 16, 2011

Favorite Pic of the Day for May 16th

Micah Norgard by Julian Vankim.
-See More of Julian's work below-

Happy Birthday today May 16th to:

Happy Birthday to Pierce Brosnan who turns 58 today.

See more of Pierce as well as more May 16th birthday boys, Brent Jasmer, Scott Reeves & David Boreanaz HERE:

Just Because: Jeff Probst

Sadly, there are some celebrities who at one time or another start to believe their own hype and publicity (Oprah anyone...). It is at that time that retiring or moving on might be the best option. I only watched a bit of this seasons Survivor. Partly because I have watched Rob and Russell before and don't generally watch re-runs. The other reason is a general annoyance with host Jeff Probst.

Jeff is certainly hot and a very a likable guy. He has also become far to full of himself. His fawning over Russell and other former Survivor's, and his attempts to be Dr. Phil (one is more than enough) at tribal councils is making the show almost unwatchable. When investing in any tv show I like to root for whom I want to and don't need the host telling me who is worthy and who is not. Jeff needs to take a page from Phil Keoghan and skillfully guide us through the journey instead of trying to tell us how to experience it. He has been on the show far too long and unless he can take a step back really should be moving on.

The Most Interesting Way Possible: The Photography of Julian Vankim

Above: Eric

Shooting something sexy and erotic takes skill. Shooting something creative takes skill plus imagination. Shooting something in the most interesting way possible takes skill, imagination and most importantly something we seem to have less and less of, time and energy. I know that in putting together my posts for FH I attempt to always be creative and original. It is only now and then however that my posts are creative, original and interesting. I just don't have the time each day to put what is required to make every feature as interesting as I would like it. Photographer Julian Vankim finds that time and that energy.

Below: Glenn Saenz.

The first shot of Julian's I saw was that of Alessandro (below). There was something about the framing, the depth and intensity of color that made it stand out to me. In viewing Julian's portfolio, shot after shot had the same stand out quality, yet each shot was also uniquely distinctive. Julian's work, often with the support of professional make-up artist Carol Kirsch, certainly lives up to his intention. To take pictures of people in the most interesting way possible is Julian's goal and every model should have at least one shot in their portfolio with that as the objective.

Below: Andy Hill

Below: Alessandro

When putting together features for FH I spend the majority of my time not in the writing and posting but in coming up with ideas. I was curious as to where Julian gets his inspiration.

'I've always been a fan of Steve McCurry's photo of the Afghan Girl, where its all about her face. That photo has been a huge inspiration on my photography that it lead me to incorporate it to my own. Face art like props or paint, was me being artistic. Wanting to do something different and also create unconventional art. Most of my ideas came to me at the spur of the moment, for one, I saw a box of thumb tack and I thought why not glue it to a person's face. I did it and that's how one of my photo came to be.'

Below: Cat

Below: Ben Kirsch

When Julian mentioned Steve McCurry's Afghan Girl,I went back to what struck me about that first photo of Alessandro I viewed. Like McCurry, there is a power in the portrait that Julian has mastered through the color, detail and of course energy presented within each shot.

Experience more of Julian's work on MM and at his official site HERE:

Thanks to Julian for sharing with FH!

Below: Timur

Below: Bucky

Below: Craig

Below: Denis Thyrsu

Below: Micah Norgard

Below: Nik Flores

Below: Samer

Below: W I L L I A M

Face Paint Montage

A Look Back: Mikus Lasmanis

Mikus Lasmanis:
Originally posted November 2008
I blathered on a lot less in 2008...

Mikus Lasmanis

Mikus Lasmanis
Height: 191cm/6'3"
Eyes: Green
Hair: Light Blonde

Below: Mikus Lasmanis by Samuel Zakuto.

Below: Mikus Lasmanis The Perfect Stranger by Joe Lally