Saturday, April 24, 2010

Favorite Pic of the Day for April 24th

Above: One of my favorite photos of Colin Lee (see more below). Photo above by one of my favorite photographers, Kristopher Kelly. Be sure to check out Kristopher's Blog HERE:

Pic Series Of The Day: Colin Lee by Rick Day

You know I love the work of Rick Day. I especially love his recent work with Colin Lee. Long, lean and beautiful, Colin, who hails from Raleigh is quickly making a name for himself in the modeling world. Signed with Adam NY, expect to see a lot of Colin in the future!

Colin Lee

Height: 6'2"
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Chest: 41"
Waist: 32"
Shoe: 12
Suit: 51R

A Look Back:

I find it impossible to believe FH will turn 3 in a few months. Many of you might not remember when I began FH it was like many blogs that no one reads, simply ramblings about my life. I started incorporating images of the things I loved, many included great looking men. Surprise surprise, the hits started to rise. I quickly deleted most of the ramblings about me and a format for FH was firmly established.

Given I post daily, some posts which I really like often quickly move on to page 2 and are missed. I am thrilled that over the past 8-10 months the hits on FH have almost doubled. The increase in hits was a great motivator to continue FH as there were times last fall I was feeling it might be time to end the blog.

I say all this as a prologue to a new section of FH called 'A Look Back'. Now to some 'A Look Back' might simply mean repeat, retread or re-post. You would be correct. To me however it is a way to ensure some posts I have done over the past year get a re-look. I promise not to do more than 1 a week (except when taking a blog break I may do more).

First up is a post I did on photographer Richard Hall showcasing his work with Robb Miller. Richard and Robb are currently working on a new project I will post about in the future but in the meantime enjoy this series from last summer.

A Look Back: Robb Miller by Night Kast Images

I really love the work of Minnesota photographer Richard at Night Kast Images. Richard has a simple style that showcases the natural beauty, both inside and out, of those he shoots. One of his signiture shots is combining two of his favorites subjects to shoot, amazing men with nature. Richard often puts his models outside, sometimes in the woods or water, or in the middle of a street or city surrounded by it's architecture. Showcasing his models this way, outside of the typical studio shoot, create beautiful, artful images.

One of my favorite models shot by Richard is Robb Miller. I love Richard's shots of Robb, especially those of Robb by and in the river. Though no nudity is shown, these images are not only beautiful, but incredibly hot! Be sure to check out more of Richard's work at Night Kast Images HERE: