Monday, September 14, 2009

RIP Patrick!

Your brave fight was difficult but inspiring to watch! Rest In Peace.

Favorite Pic of the Day for September 14th

The beautiful backside of Andy, from Dylan Rosser.

Happy Birthday today September 14th to:

Happy Birthday today September 14th to:

Rugby's Ben Cohen is so adorable!!! Ben turns 31 today.

Aha's Morten Harket turns 50 today.

More of today's birthdays in my post from last year found HERE:

Anyone watching Glee?

I have been so busy the last few weeks that I have not had time to catch much on tv. Last night I finally had time to sit down and watch the 2 aired episodes of Glee! I LOVE IT! So real, so well written, so fun. Firstly we get a weekly dose of Broadway hottie Matthew Morrison (above), but that is just the icing on this great show! If you have not caught it, get on board the Glee machine. With all the talk about 90210 and Melrose (come on, they are both CRAP). Glee is the only new teen drama to get excited about.

Kudo's to Kelly Clarkson!!!

I have always LOVED Kelly Clarkson. She is the anti Britney and for that I applaud her. Far more talent and class than the Jessica Simpson's of the pop world. Never one to be sucked in by the 'star machine'. She comes across as the same down home girl we first met so long ago when she was auditioning for American Idol. Love her rant about Kanye today. This girl is fierce naturally (without all the wind machines some other pop stars need to be strong and tough) Kudo's Kelly for actually being a woman girls should look up to!

Really Oprah.... Really...

I have stated before that I am not exactly a fan of Oprah. I do admire her and all the good she does, but I also have reservations about her. It might be her inflicting Dr. Phil (whom I loath) on the world, it might be as amazing as she is, she also is a bit delusional.

Never was that more apparent than today with her interview today with Whitney Houston. Now Whitney at one time I loved. But today, these two women talked for an hour (and another hour tomorrow) basically saying nothing. Whitney was far from honest and she never really answered any questions. Watch again, Oprah answered them all for her. Whitney never really had to think of anything as all of Oprah's questions were simply Oprah's opinions. Whitney's only task was to nod and agree.

I DVR'd out of interest, but quickly got bored. Oprah said this is one of her best interviews ever and that she felt a special connection with Whitney. Was it the weed laced with cocaine.... Or... has Oprah just interviewed one person too many.