Thursday, September 12, 2019

Favorite Pic of the Day for September 13th

Matthias by Bodytorium
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Curve Appeal

FaVorite FiVe: Gaius Thompson

'I train as part of British Gymnastics Top Squad and aiming to be part of TeamGB at Tokyo in 2020.'

Gaius (Jay) Thompson
has been part of the national squad since he was 9 years old and has competed for England and Great Britain, winning over 40 gold medals nationally and internationally. Jay stood out with his brilliant displays as a junior, representing Great Britain at both the 2012 and 2014 Junior European Championships, winning both individual and team medals.

Jay had been struggling with injuries since turning senior, but began 2018 winning Masters floor silver at the British Championships.  Although I follow gymnastics during the Olympics, it was again an image of Jay that first introduced him to me.  With his model good looks, he look incredible on or off the parallel bars.

Favorite Face of the Day: Avan Jogia

Normally, when I feature an actor, it's due to seeing and enjoying one of their roles or projects.  Sometimes however, it's not an actor's acting that draws my attention.  In the case of Canadian actor Avan Jogia it was the image above that first lured me in.  It's an older shot, but the face, the body, the jeans and purple briefs were enough to have me wanting to see, and find out more.

I actually saw the image awhile ago, and thought I wait to feature Avan until after I saw his work.  I was intending to catch his show Now Apocalypse on Starz and was happy to find it on my On-Demand menu.  I'm just one episode in, but didn't want to wait to feature Avon and his beautiful face.

Now Apocalypse 

As you can see from the caps below, there is nudity in Now Apocalypse, including Avan's character Ulysses, as well as his hunky co-stars Tyler Posey and Beau Mirchoff, who looks incredibly built and beautiful. I'll be sure to feature more one I've actually had time to check out more of the show.

Boys & their Toys: Matthias by Bodytorium

'I was intrigued when he took off his shirt and bragged about the nail scratches he had all over his back from an intense threesome he had with two chicks the night before.'

Intriguing indeed.... That was however, three years ago when Bodytorium's Phil first encountered the sexy, not to mention incredibly supple, Matthias at a street workout competition. Back then, Phil says both confident and very cocky, today, although still confident, Matthias if much less cocky.

Cocky gets a bit of a bad rap though, and I cut Matthias a little slack. I consider myself confident not cocky, but my body was marked up from a wild threesome, I'm not sure I could hold back from bragging just a little bit to my friends.  Threesome's are just one of those things, kind of like bungee jumping or saving someone else's life, part of the thrill is sharing the stories and seeing the reaction from those you tell.

When he's not dodging long finger (or maybe toe...) nails, Matthias works a an event organizer in Bratislava, the capital and largest city in Slovakia.  Phil describes the 24 year old as incredibly hard working and athletic. You can see the results of Matthias' daily workouts in the incredible flexibility he displays in the poses that Phil so beautifully captured.

'Matthias has a tremendous amount of energy.  He's an overachiever. He put 100% into everything he does. I think this is why we had two minor accidents during the photo shoot (he cut his toe on a sharp rock at the quarry and later slipped while doing a head stand and smacked his forehead)'

'Matthias said it was the philosophy behind my web site encouraged him to do the shoot. He likes the idea of putting men or masculine beauty more into the spotlight and making male nudity more acceptable and mainstream.'

There are so many things that motivate to continue FH, great artists and imagery, the men, the stories, the men.  One that I reflect on often, is the incredible locations I get to see, learn about and share.  Through the images and artist that I get to feature, I get to visually travel and escape to parts of the world I'd never get to see otherwise.  I've certainly seen images of Slovakia, but until Phil' set with Matthias, had never traveled virtually to one of the country's hillside quarry.

I used to love playing with toy trucks, and often had pretend quarry's on the floor of my living room, and in the backyard of my home.  I would have killed as kid to have had a real quarry to play in with trucks and rocks to jump and hang on.  I love how Matthias makes the quarry his own personal playground and love how he interacts with the space and the many life size toys at his disposal.

'It was a beautiful environment and we were really lucky that there was no one else at the site. We initially wanted to do the photo shoot at a castle but were discouraged by the amount of cars that were parked at the foot of the hill  We were lucky to have the quarry all to ourselves. I was later told the site usually has a gate-keeper and a guard dog.'

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