Thursday, November 14, 2019

Favorite Pic of the Day for November 15th

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Happy Birthday today November 15th

Happy 39th to Ace Young!

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Favorite Hunk of the New TV Season: Mike Colter

I have always enjoyed the work of  Michelle and Robert King and am loving their newest creation, Evil.   The creators and writers The Good Wife, and The Good Fight switch from the laws of good and the forces in evil in their new CBS drama.  One Evil's leads is the ultra hot and talented Mike Colter.

I was first introduced to Mike in the short lived Sarah Michelle Gellar series Ringer.  I also followed Mike to during his time on The Following, and his turn as Lemond Bishop on The Good Wife.  Despite playing a drug lord with questionable morals, Colter was incredibly sexy, and incredibly  charismatic as Bishop.

I've missed out on arguably the South Carolina's actors role as Luke Cage.  Colter has played the man with super strength and unbreakable skin on three different series; Marvel's Luke Cage, The Defenders and Jessica Jones.   I am however loving him on Evil. 

The entire cast is top notch and the revolving stories compelling The show is legitimately scary, not due to violence and fake blood but due to the great writing and characters presented.  The evil in Evil is more internal than external, and much harder to shake.

Throwback Modeling Pics

Drop The Mic

As Luke Cage

Who I Felt I Am: Pup Dahlia by MW Photo MD

'I wanted to do something anyone could look at and see something sexy and beautiful with emotional depth. Something that says “This is the body I have, I love it”. Something that is authentic, erotic, and complex. Something that gives permission to people who don’t fit society’s beauty expectations to love themselves.'

Whatever qualities that you choose to measure beauty and sex appeal, model Pup Dahlia most definitely possesses. Beautiful face and smile, incredible eyes and a body that he not only owns and loves, but also controls.  So many people, models included, allow their bodies take the lead.  This often impacts their choices, limiting the creative boundaries explored.

The 22 year old Washington model not only embraces and loves what he has, he knows how to transfer this love to the viewer through his work in front of the camera.  Pup's confidence is contagious and he exudes a couscous sexual energy that's impossible to ignore.  Pup's smile and eyes, and the sexy curves he creates through pose, radiate an elegant conviction that speaks to the emotional boldness he brings to his work.  It was precisely these qualities that MW Photo MD's Mark sought to capture through their work together.

'I found Pup on Model Mayhem and his comment on "Body Positive, and Confident" really struck a feeling in me. As I want to show a diverse range of models I really loved what I saw from his postings and reached out to him for an initial hour shoot to see if we would hit it off.'

After Mark reached out, Pup checked out his portfolio and knew they'd have great chemistry together. Pup shares that the shoot he and Mark did was brief, but productive and fun. Mark really enjoyed the experience as well and is eagerly awaiting a second shoot later this month with more time in the studio to play around with different ideas and themes.

'Boudoir is meant to have strong sexual energy but there’s always a great deal of artifice involved as a means to sell a kind of fantasy. But I always find myself wondering, where are the shots that represent reality? Shots that represent real people?'

'The thing I enjoyed most about this shoot was the authenticity. I’ve always enjoyed doing boudoir shoots, but I never left feeling like the shots really captured who I felt I am.'

After spending time enjoying his images, my curiosity moved to Pup Dahlia's name.  The dog mask above aside, I could think of possible and obvious reasons to choose Pup.  Young, excitable and eager. Full of energy and curiosity.  Not to mention more than a  hint of mischievousness.  Pups also love to get out and play, to be loved and cuddled.  Dahlia, I wasn't so sure of....

'I think the name “Dahlia” probably stemmed from my love of flowers and gardening. I wanted to give myself a name that represented the way I see myself and want to be seen. In art, dahlias represent elegance, inner strength, and creativity. I took the name of a flower to break away from gender roles and define myself by the qualities I wish to emulate.'